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Are Bamboo Plates Safer than Plastic for Kids?

One of the most common parental worries is finding healthy and safe products for their kids. When it comes to dinner time, many parents have a hard time choosing between plastic plates or bamboo plates. But what’s better? Plastic or bamboo? 

Bamboo is a much healthier alternative to traditional dishes because bamboo is a natural product. 

Are bamboo plates safer than plastic for your kids?

Read on to find out why bamboo plates are safer than plastic for kids.

Are Your Kids’ Bamboo Plates Safer than Plastic?

Bamboo is Non-Toxic

One of the best reasons for loving bamboo plates is how natural they are. Made without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, these eco-friendly dishes from start to finish will be safe and non-toxic. With a variety of colors options made with sustainably harvested material, there is something here for everyone!

Bamboo kids plates have become popular alternatives to plastic tableware due to their use of sustainable materials that make them toxic-free from the get-go. Available in many different colors and sizes, you can find what you need, whether it’s just one dish at home or an entire set perfect for a party setting.

Plastic, on the other hand, is toxic. Dangerous chemicals have been found in plastic, and now it’s even more concerning that we are just starting to understand how these toxins affect our bodies long-term. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in most cases of exposure, traces of hazardous substances remain in people’s bodies for a lifetime

A huge reason why bamboo plates are a better alternative isn’t only because they’re sustainable or non-toxic but also because there has not yet been any scientific evidence linking them with health risks like those associated with plastics. 


One of bamboo’s many appealing traits is its renewability as a resource, which sets it apart from plastics that are not renewable or sustainable because they use non-renewable fossil fuels to produce them. Bamboo grows so quickly that it can be harvested every three to four years without depleting natural resources. This makes it an extremely renewable raw material for manufacturing products when compared with hardwoods like oak trees.

Plastics are the worst, and not just because they rely on oil. Unlike bamboo, they’re not renewable. This means that plastic plates aren’t safe for kids to eat off of. 

Plastic can be really bad for us in every way. It’s made from petroleum products which we know are unsustainable as well as being non-renewable, which means our children eating off them isn’t a good idea.


Bamboo is not only a sustainable material for the environment, but it also provides many benefits to children. Bamboo makes kids plates sturdy and durable while being lightweight – strong enough so that they don’t risk bending or cracking yet light to keep mealtime fun! This eco-friendly surface resists heat, stains, odors, and water without letting food get stuck on them. And bamboo looks great long after your child grows up, too, because its natural finish doesn’t chip off like plastic does with wear over time.

Plastic plates are a popular choice for children because they’re cheap and disposable, but these characteristics make them unsafe. The lightweight material makes it easy to accidentally break the plastic plate in half or through its diameter. Worse yet, kids can swallow shards of broken glass if the dish shatters on impact with their teeth. Stick to durable dishes that won’t shatter like ceramic or bamboo plates.


Bamboo plates are a great choice for kids because they’re eco-friendly. They can decompose in just three years, so you don’t have to worry about them piling up after your child has outgrown their habits of dumping food on the floor.

Bamboo is an ecologically friendly material that’s both lightweight and durable while also being biodegradable. That means it will break down naturally if left outside over time, meaning less waste going into landfills or at risk when burned in countries without modern disposal methods.

Therefore bamboo dishes make perfect sense as part of sustainable living practices with children who may be prone to spilling things from time to time.

Plastic plates are not only bad for children, but they’re also bad in general. Plastics can’t biodegrade, which means that instead of breaking apart into harmless molecules to fertilize the ground like leaves do, plastic just piles up in landfills or dumps where it will never break down.

Bamboo is Much Safer for Kids than Plastics

Bamboo kids’ plates are a great choice for parents looking to feed their children healthy food, while also maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle. They are not just a better alternative to plastic, but they’re also safer for kids. Bamboo is a natural resource with many great qualities. It’s durable, renewable and non-toxic to humans and animals alike making it the perfect material for kids’ plates.

The best bamboo plates for kids include;

  1. Bamboo Little Bunny Suction Plate

Get a little creative with this Bamboo Little Bunny Suction Plate. You can use the bunny ears to separate different types of food so you can mix up the flavors without clashing. The wide, rounded edges make it easy to scoop perfect portions. And because there’s no top edge on these plates, they’re also great for stews and mushy foods. The suction base is also removable! This plate comes in six brilliant colors – one’s sure to brighten your baby’s day. 

  1. EKOBO Bamboo Baby Plate

Building on your baby’s developmental skills is easy when you’re using this cute EKOBO bamboo baby plate. Available in a variety of styles, there’s something to fit every household, including yours.

The set includes a spoon with soft edges for tender gums that are perfect for self-feeding. The plate has comfortable grooves designed to give you better control while feeding them the best foods they need each day: veggies, proteins, and carbs.

  1. Teddy The Tiger Bamboo Tableware

Every day’s an adventure with Teddy the Tiger. This playful and spirited story-telling bamboo tableware set is perfect for kids who love soup, adventures, and fun.

Designed for practical toddler mealtimes, this eco-friendly bamboo tableware features a beloved character taken straight from our Colourful Creatures range.

Are bamboo plates safer than plastic for your kids?