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5 Perfect Fence Ideas for Your Garden

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Looking for the perfect fence ideas to help plan your garden?

A garden is not complete without a good fence. It not only serves as a separation between your
garden and that of the neighbors but also protects the plants you have in your garden. They
block the wind, ensure that there is almost always shade and that you can enjoy a comfortable
outdoor situation in any case. However, the weather has to allow it.

However, choosing a fence is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of choices that you have
to make, such as the choice of material, color, and dimensions of the fence. Should the fence
provide a complete closure, or should the fence have openings for extra light or wind? And what
about decorating, do you plan to provide the wall with enough decorations such as plants, or do
you want to keep it minimalist?

To help you choose the perfect fence for your garden, we have enlisted a few ideas for your
garden fence.

Love these fence ideas for the garden and yard!

5 Fence Ideas for Your Garden

The classic wooden fence

This variant needs no introduction because the wooden fence is everywhere. This old-timer is still a good choice since a wooden fence brings many advantages. It is easy to use, affordable, and a natural addition to your garden. That is why a wooden fence always fits, no matter what your garden looks like!

However, it is always useful to take a good look in advance at the different types of wood from which a fence is made. Each type of wood offers possibilities, but each has its own user manual. To help you on your way, we have listed the four best-known types of wood for you. Namely Pinewood, Spruce wood, Douglas wood, and Hardwood.


This type of wood comes from Scots pine, a tree that thrives in Central and Northern Europe. Due to the climate in these places, the tree grows slowly, but the wood becomes much stronger. Pine and Spruce are very similar, with the same color and similar properties.

Spruce wood

Spruce is the most commonly used type of wood in the world. The main advantage of this type of wood is that it is easy to work with and is almost odorless, in addition to the fact that the wood is also cheap. The wood is very sturdy, so you can be sure that it will come into its own in your garden.

Douglas wood

This wood is extremely strong and durable, making it a hugely popular choice for garden use today. The wood comes from spruce trees that originated in western North America, where these trees can grow up to 100 meters. However, these trees are grown in many places these days.


Hardwood is the strongest type of wood you will come across, which also explains the name.
Because of living in the rainforest, the wood is well resistant to damage from things such as
fungi and insects. This type of wood also lasts up to 25 years, making it a sustainable choice
that you will benefit from for a long time to come.

And it is of course not without reason that the popularity of the wooden fence remains unabated.
This fence has a lot of advantages, which makes it very nice to have such a fence. Chain link fences are also a great option. You can find a reputable chain link fence company to simplify your project, from start to finish!

The best way to find out which wood fence type works best for you is to consult wood fence
in your area.

Love these fence ideas for the garden and yard!

Below we have listed a few points for you:

A wooden fence is a cheap solution

Although wood prices have risen in recent years, the picket fence remains an interesting option for those who want to watch their wallets. This way you will find a good fence for every price range, without having to worry about the quality.

A wooden fence is easy to customize

Wood is a material that is easy to work with, which makes it very easy to switch if there are adjustments in your garden. This way you can easily shorten or extend your current fence, as long as you have the right resources.

A picket fence has endless color options

In addition, you are not tied to the color of the wood itself, because you can easily provide most types with a color. This allows you to use your wooden fence in a much more diverse way so that it can better match your ideal garden.

A Trellis fence is a perfect choice if you are going for a variety

Of course, not everything has to be sealed because sometimes variation is exactly what you are looking for. Thanks to a so-called Trellis fence you can easily arrange this since you can easily connect it to your current fence. This way you can easily provide your fence with the necessary breathing space, without having to turn the whole thing over right away.

A Trellis fence comes in all shapes and sizes. In most cases, these fences are simply made of wood, but the mesh and even steel are popular options these days. This is often combined with plants that can grow upwards, such as ivy. These plants like the spaces between the bars, so you can grow them in a controlled manner.

Of course, a Trellis fence has a big disadvantage: You can see through it well. This is of course a great advantage but also ensures that snoopers have no trouble taking a look at your garden. However, this does not mean that you should abandon the idea of ​​​​the Trellis because many people choose to use a single-sided Trellis. This covers the outside of the fence, while you still benefit from the framework on the inside.

A brick wall as an extension of your home

We still see this option a lot, but mainly in older houses in most cities. For example, many houses in the old town centers have walls made of the same stones, so that the character of the house is extended further to the garden. This means you no longer have to look at a fence when purchasing such a house since you already have a strong and characteristic fence with history.

And if you have a new house that is not suitable for this type of fence? Don’t worry, because for these situations you can simply opt for a fence of natural stones or bricks. However, when placing a fence like this, it is advisable to build a strong foundation. Bricks are not exactly lightweight, so a strong base is crucial. For this, approximately ¼ of the total height is taken into account.

In addition to a strong build, you can also be creative with the bricks. For example, you can choose to work with patterns with the stones, you can provide the stones with nice color and you can provide the wall with numerous decorations. For this, we recommend that you use the correct drill and plugs so that you can prevent any damage.

Choose a modern, sustainable, and colorful concrete fence

At first glance, you would not expect it, but concrete is becoming increasingly popular for use in the garden. It looks very modern, requires little maintenance, and will last a lifetime. In addition, it is incredibly versatile, so the concrete panels can always find a place in the garden. 

The stigma of a concrete fence is that it was nothing more than a gray mass that you often encounter along the highway, but today it is different. Thanks to the various developments in the field of production techniques, it has become a lot easier to do fun things with concrete. As a result, the decorative value of the material has become a lot better, with the result that things like color and patterns are also possible. If you live in Texas you can always hire a fencing company in Austin and they can do the job for you.

Of course, you can also choose to use a combination of materials, where concrete piles are the basis. When it comes to the poles, there are of course a lot of options. Think of the different heights for the posts, possibly accompanied by a low concrete wall. This is then completed using, for example, a series of planks or mesh that you can fill with ivy plants.

A sturdy and cool alternative to your wooden fence with the gabions fence

Gabions are metal baskets made of galvanized steel. This means that you can enjoy the strength of traditional steel, while also being able to withstand the weather thanks to the protective layer. These flasks are then filled with boulders, natural stones, or things like wood or bark. This ensures that you can enjoy a beautiful fence with a combination of industrial and natural materials. A real trendsetter!

Thanks to the choice of materials, this fence is also extremely durable. The materials last a lifetime, so you will benefit from them for a long time to come. It also requires virtually no maintenance, as everything is natural. So you don’t have to worry about things like paint crumbling or green growing out of the mold. 

You can also enjoy a nice bonus because these gabions are also extremely useful when it comes to damping sound. Depending on the filling, you are dealing with an extra sturdy wall that can block the sound thanks to its uneven surface. This is of course also great for privacy, since a closed shape like this also ensures that you are not bothered by snoopers.

Love these fence ideas for the garden and yard!