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Typesy: Homeschool Typing They’ll Actually Enjoy!

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These days, you can constantly hear people mumblin’ and grumblin’ about the public school system removing cursive from the agenda. They think kids need to know cursive in order to survive but I think there’s a more important skill that often gets overlooked: TYPING.
Sure, kids can text with the greatest of ease but when you sit them down at a computer, can they type quickly and accurately enough to impress a future employer? In my kids’ case, the answer was a big, fat “NO!”

Typing is one of the subjects I struggled to teach to my kiddos. Last year, I bought them the corresponding “typing curriculum” that went with the rest of their boxed curriculum. I was super unimpressed when I received my box of goodies and found that the typing curriculum was nothing more that an old-school notebook with a set of stickers. It was dull and the kids never even finished 3 lessons.

That’s why I was super stoked to find a hands-on approach to typing that was actually FUN!

This post is sponsored by Typesy. I was compensated for my time and all opinions are my own.
Homeschool typing has never been more fun! For just a few dollars each year, you can have an organized and effective typing program that does all the work for YOU! #homeschool #homeschooltypingclass #homeschooling

What is Typesy?

Typesy Homeschool is a simple and effective typing program that allows students to improve their skills while having a grand ol’ time. It boasts 377 lessons and over 15 exciting games. Typesy can be accessed from any computer or iPad and because it is stored on “the cloud,” you can pick up right where you left off! (We love this for when the kiddos go visit Grandma!) Typesy is an ad-free program that offers 24/7 support. It’s organized in a way that makes it as simple for parents to check their kids’ progress as it does for the kiddos to hop on and get to work!

Homeschool typing has never been more fun! For just a few dollars each year, you can have an organized and effective typing program that does all the work for YOU! #homeschool #homeschooltypingclass #homeschooling

Homeschool Typing CAN be Fun!

There’s something about games that just make learning more fun. Whether you’re using educational board games to teach geography or you’re learning to type with fun graphics and sounds, games are always a favorite way to learn.

Accuracy Building Games:

Increase accuracy with fun games designed to help you hit the right keys!

Speed Boosting Games:

Work smarter, not harder with these engaging games that will help improve your keyboarding speed.

Keyboard Skills:

Work on your memory, reaction and more when you complete these important keyboard sils.

Typing Fun:

Fun games help kids forget they’re learning and instead remind them of being in an arcade. These games are super fun but educational at the same time.

Standard Activities:

This is where you can test yourself or simply complete a typing lesson.

Homeschool Typing Lessons:

Learn at your own pace with a combo of text instructions and short video clips. Kids can learn along with the videos, as they guide them through the basics. From learning proper posture and home row keys to mastering the entire keyboard, Typesy covers it all. There’s no need to flip through an coil bound notebook to see what you need to work on. Instead. Typesy recognizes your strengths and weaknesses and offers you help in the areas you need.
 Homeschool typing has never been more fun! For just a few dollars each year, you can have an organized and effective typing program that does all the work for YOU! #homeschool #homeschooltypingclass #homeschooling

Budget-Friendly Subscriptions Options

But if you know me, you know that one huge factor in deciding on a curriculum is the price tag. I’m willing to invest upwards of $100 for the core subjects like math and reading, if they promise a good foundation. But all those splurges leave me with a tiny budget to squeeze in the rest of the subjects, like typing. Luckily, Typesy Homeschool Edition is about as budget-friendly as they come.

Homeschool Family($67):

Includes up to 2 teacher accounts and 4 student accounts

Cost breakdown: $16.75 per student

Big Family ($97):

Includes up to 3 parent accounts and 10 student accounts

Cost breakdown: $9.70 per student


Includes up to 10 parent accounts and 30 student accounts

Cost breakdown: $6.56 per student

When I first saw the prices, I wasn’t impressed but then I realized they were for 5 year subscriptions!

That means you will pay only $3.35, $1.94 or $1.31 per student per year, depending on which option you choose!

When you put it like that, you can’t afford NOT to try Typesy Homeschool Edition!

WIN A SUBSCRIPTION TO Typesy Homeschool Edition!

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