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Teen Homeschool Camp: Day 4

If you’re looking for a fun experience for your teen, homeschool camp is a great way to do that! Greg Landry provides a safe and fun learning environment, while providing hours of hands-on learning.

You can read all about Greg Landry’s Marine Science Camp here:

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Love this teen homeschool camp! IT was some of the best days of our lives!

Teen Homeschool Camp: Day 4

We’re finally done with our labs at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab today so Day 4 was sure to be a new adventure! It felt much more relaxed, even though we still didn’t have a single minute of “down” time.

We started the day at the Lighthouse Bakery. The kids got to pick and choose what they wanted from this infamous bakery:

  • huge cinnamon rolls
  • delicious cream cheese danishes
  • yummy bread sticks
  • breakfast pig-in-the-blankets
  • muffins
  • bacon wraps
  • cookies
  • breads
  • bagels
  • smoothies
  • cappuccino

After breakfast, we went to the beach for a few hours. Emersyn wanted to pick up trash instead of shells so we filled a couple of bags on our walk.

After spending a few hours splashing around the beach, it was time for lunch! We headed to Dockside, for a picnic lunch.

Then we went kayaking and paddle boarding. So many of the girls had never done this before so it was super fun!

Next up, we played some mini golf, followed by dinner at the Pirates Cove.

Mr. Greg told the girls to order whatever they wanted and they took advantage of it! From delicious appetizers to fruity drinks, it was QUITE an experience!

Ribeye steaks, soft shell crabs, gumbo, shrimp, the whole works!

They ate and ate and ate some more.

We came home and finished the night by learning all about dolphins, whales and sea turtles from our house mom, Ms. JJ.

Love this teen homeschool camp! IT was some of the best days of our lives!

If you’re looking for a teen homeschool camp that your kid will remember for the rest of their lives, you can’t miss out on Greg Landry’s Marine Science Camp!