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7 Gifts for the Home that Mom Will Love

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Buying the perfect gift can be quite the challenge. With thousands of products available to purchase, finding the perfect gift for mom is a daunting task. Even if you’ve started shopping early, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by finding the perfect gift.

But of all the people in our lives, no one deserves a good gift quite as much as the Moms do. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your mother-in-law or your wife, it can be exhausting.

There’s a fine-line of gift-buying. Women don’t typically enjoy getting a new box of dryer sheets for their birthday. They also don’t enjoy light bulbs. How do I know, you ask? Hmph. Well, let’s just not talk about that right now.

But there are a few items for the home that most moms would be happy to receive. After all, she spend a lot of her time in the home, caring for it and the entire family. While Scrubbing Bubbles may not be the best idea, there are plenty of products that’ll make her happy.

Ohhh! Totally loving this list of 7 gifts for the home that mom will love. Now, which ones shall I buy!?!

7 Gifts for the Home that Moms Will Love!

Luxurious Bath Sheets:

Mom will fall in love with these oh-so-soft bath sheets and you’ll quickly sky-rocket to the top of her “favorites” list. After everything moms do for their families, they deserve to be pampered. Yet they rarely make it to the spa, so why not bring the spa to her? They are an easy way to give her that feeling of luxury, time and time again. For the price of one trip to the spa, make the mom in your life happy by giving her the best of the best.
Don’t forget to grab the washcloths, set of towels and matching Memory Foam bath mat to revive the whole bathroom!

Touch-Less Faucet:

Dirty, germ-covered hands spread disease. But even worse, they turn a once-clean kitchen to a disaster zone. With chicken juice covering every surface, raw chunks of meat clinging to your hands, you go to wash the slime off. But, with one firm grasp of the handle, you’ve spread the germs in an instant. The simple way to avoid it while making mom want to be in the kitchen? Simply invest in a touch-faucet. We’ve had ours for about 4 years now and I never realize how much I love it until I go to someone else’s house and have to actually TURN ON the water with a lever. 😉

Electric Smoker:

For Father’s Day, I bought my husband an electric smoker. Holy smokes. I wish he would’ve bought that thing for me YEARS ago! It’s so easy to use and creates delicious meals with minimal effort. These days, my husband comes home from work to perfectly smoked ribs, potato salad and baked beans. He’s in heaven and we haven’t visited the overpriced BBQ joints in months! Not to mention, every mom will love showing off her smoking skills at family gatherings. Say goodbye to Christmas turkey because now, you’re in for a REAL treat! Seriously. Who doesn’t love a woman who can smoke a mean rack of ribs or a sizzling brisket!?!


Most moms take pride in their home. Redecorating can be a killer to the budget but by adding or replacing one big ticket item, it can give the room a whole new look. Check out discount stores for affordable area rugs, accent tables, etc. Even a couple of fun throw pillows can completely change the look of a space. It’s easy to feel “blah” in a room that hasn’t been spruced up in a year or two. Give mama a few new pieces and watch her work her magic by pulling together a fresh new look the whole family will enjoy.

Instant Pot:

These revolutionary cookers hit the kitchen scene a few years ago and are still a huge hit with busy moms everywhere. No longer will mom need to prepare the meal ahead of time, in her slow cooker. Instead, she can throw a couple of frozen chicken breasts into this little gem and have shredded BBQ chicken ready in under 30 minutes.  The price of this gadget made me debate it for a few days. It didn’t take me long to figure out that just avoiding going out to dinner 3 times with my family would cover the cost. In fact, it’s already saved me from grabbing take-out enough times to recoup my investment!
Don’t forget to grab a cookbook to pair with the Instant Pot!

Sheets Fit for A Queen:

There are few things more relaxing than plopping down after a long day into a bed covered in sheets that were meant for a queen. The soft, silky fabric makes moms feel like a million bucks. It’s much easier to put the everyday struggles out of mind when you’re feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  A high quality set of sheets will do the trick. Treat the moms in your life like the queen she is with new bedding that will make her swoon.

Family Photo Canvas:

Let’s face it. There are few things a mom enjoys more than seeing the smiling faces of the ones she loves. Splurge on an extra large canvas of a favorite family photo to hang on her wall. It’s practical and something she’ll love for years to come. Don’t have any recent family photos? Even better! Find an experienced photographer in your area and gift mom with a session to capture those ever-changing features of the kids. Feeling extra amazing? Give her a $100 bill and tell her to buy everyone coordinating outfits. Trust me, she won’t mind the shopping trip. 😉

As with any gift shopping, it’s always best to ask mom what she would like. Tell her to think about things that would make her day-to-day life easier, more beautiful and more enjoyable to her. There’s no doubt, she’d be happy to receive gifts for the home but it must be something that makes her feel appreciated. I’ve never seen a mom smile when she received a box of dust rags.

There’s a fine line when buying gifts for the home but shopping for mom just got a  whole lot easier!

Ohhh! Totally loving this list of 7 gifts for the home that mom will love. Now, which ones shall I buy!?!

CHIME IN: What would you add to the list of gifts for the home that mom will enjoy?