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Free Typing Games That Your Kids Will Actually Enjoy!

There are a few things that pretty much every homeschool family struggles to incorporate into their days. Art, PE, Music, foreign languages and typing are the most common. The problem is that these aren’t considered “core” subjects so they often get pushed to the side, or even forgotten.

I always have good intentions when it comes to these subjects but they still get shoved to the back burner. I recently realized that my daughter is going into high school and has never taken a typing class. Ooops. If you need me, I’ll be over in the corner, hiding my face in shame. 

I’m not sure why I haven’t made the effort to teach typing to my kids. I’ll be the first to say that it’s a vital skill that’s growing more and more important with each passing year. After all, cursive is going extinct and soon pencils will likely be a thing of the past. You can find free typing games that will actually teach your kiddos for you!

That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered my kids could learn to teach themselves to type, using KidzType. And best of all, it is completely free to use!

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Check out these free typing games for kids! They'll learn home row and so much more, while having fun! #typingclass #typing #typinggames #homeschoolers #homeschooling

With KidzType, kids actually enjoy learning to type. It’s no longer a boring chore that causes fighting and resistance each and every time you try to teach them. In fact, KidzType is so much fun, my kids now ask me if they can do typing!

Students LOVE KidzType’s FREE Typing Games

Bright colors:

Kids are instictively drawn to bright colors and flashing lights. KidzType incorporates both to help keep the kiddos interested in the games they’re playing. With fun audio sounds, the kids will enjoy

Interactive games:

With 15 different games, there’s something that everyone will enjoy! Whether your kiddos love cars or vampires, there’s a game for them. My  5 son loves Bull Spell while my oldest daughter enjoys Ninja vs. Zombie. My middle daughter doesn’t care which games she plays…she loves them ALL!

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Quick lessons:

The lessons are quick and easy, making them painless for kiddos to work through. From absolute beginners to skilled typers, there’s something fun for all. My favorite part is that it teaches kids to sit properly, how to properly hold their hands and provides them with exercised to help build their muscle memory.

12 levels:

With 12 levels, kids can learn everything they’ll need to know in order to be successful at typing. While kids (and teens, especially) often scoff at the idea of using a real keyboard instead of their phones, it’s a great idea to teach them the essentials, like the home row. By the end of the 12 levels, they’ll be confident and quick!

If you’re looking for FUN and FREE typing games that your kids will actually enjoy, head to KidzType and check out their games!

Check out these free typing games for kids! They'll learn home row and so much more, while having fun! #typingclass #typing #typinggames #homeschoolers #homeschooling