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How to Homeschool for Free

Homeschooling can get expensive. By the time you factor in curriculum, printer ink and paper, field trips and all the extra snacks your  kids eat, it adds up quickly. One of the biggest worries new homeschoolers face is whether or not they can afford to provide a great education, without breaking the bank.

Holy Smokes! This list of websites that let you homeschool for free just blew my mind! So helpful. I hadn't heard of some of these sites!

Luckily, we live in a world where technology makes things possible that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. If you have the Internet, you can give your kids an amazing education, no matter how tight your budget is. You can even homeschool for free!

Some of our favorite websites not only provide materials for core subjects, but also for the arts, hands-on learning and real-world experiences. By simply logging on to these sites, you will find the world at your fingertips.



You can actually homeschool for FREE when using Khan Academy in your homeschool? Count me in!

Khan Academy:

This user-friendly website has plenty of options to choose from. Whether you need help in science or choose to use their free math program as your curriculum, you’ll find TONS of helpful information. Khan Academy will take you from kindergarten through high school without every costing you a dime! Subjects range from computer coding and biology to AP classes and test prep.

You can homeschool for FREE using Easy Peasy!

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool:

Easy Peasy is hands-down my favorite place to send new homeschoolers. It’s a complete curriculum that will get you from PreK through 12th grade. Thousands of families rely on the generosity of this website to educate their children in both core and non-core subjects alike. With a built-in Bible study, music and PE,  you don’t even have to worry about adding anything on your own!


Homeschool for FREE using Homeschool Share!

Homeschool Share:

This website is a favorite for those who use unit studies or lapbooks. You can find freebies on every subject, from Viking adventures to owls to Abraham Lincoln! They have hundreds of complete and free resources that make being a homeschool parent a breeze! Pick which subjects you’d like to study, print the materials and get started! No more searching for your own information. This site does all the hard work for you!

Homeschool for FREE using DIY.org!


Our absolute favorite site for learning skills is DIY.org. Kids work hard learning new skills in order to earn a new Patch. (Yes, it’s similar to Boy Scouts, just way cooler and you don’t have to get dressed to learn!) Kids can choose which patch they want to earn and complete the challenges necessary to earn it. Once they’ve done the challenges, they can upload a video for others to enjoy. (My kids love watching everyone else’s videos.) Learn to be a backyard farmer, astronomer, bee keeper, cartoonist, forager, graphic designer and SO much more through their quick and easy YouTube videos.

Homeschool for FREE using Alison!


Aimed at the later years of homeschooling, this site is a goldmine of inforation. I’ve even taken a few classes myself using their site. With over 750 FREE classes, you have plenty to choose from: Geography, Economics, Law & Legal Skills, Psychology and Photography, just to name a few.  Work at your own pace to educate yourself on the topics which intrigue you the most!

Did you know you can homeschool for free with TGATB? They offer their top-of-the line language arts program to download for FREE!

The Good and the Beautiful:

The Good and the Beautiful offers gorgeous curriculum for ages preschool all the way through high school. Levels 1-5 of their language arts program is available to download for free to download. The other levels and other subjects do cost but for what you get, the curriculum is well worth the small price tag. In fact, our family has personally uses The Good and the Beautiful for 3 years now!

Armed with all of the information you’ll ever need, you can not only master the core subjects, but also add a few new skills to your tool belt. Best of all, you’ll be able to homeschool for free!

Homeschool for Free!

Holy Smokes! This list of websites that let you homeschool for free just blew my mind! So helpful. I hadn't heard of some of these sites!