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CodeChangers Virtual Camps for Kids

The world is changing at a rapid pace and families are spending more and more time at home. Memories are being made and kids are learning how to get along with their siblings. Parents are working from home. Kids are schooling from home. New hobbies are being discovered at home. CodeChangers Virtual Camps for kids is one way to fill all those extra hours you’re spending in your humble abode, while allowing you to get a little peace and quiet for yourself while the kids have some fun. 

If your kids have never explored the world of coding, now is the prime time to do so! It’s an incredible skill that will benefit kids for the rest of their lives. Not only is technology becoming more important, as distance learning and working takes over the world, these skills will become more and more in demand. Why not arm our kiddos with the skills they need to create a successful career, while they’re still young enough to enjoy learning it!

Learning to code has never been easier! Code Changers camps not only teach but also includes every single thing you need for over 25 hours of coding fun!

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, we started spending more and more hours at home. The kids were becoming antsy and were growing bored. We had exhausted all of our usual boredom busters but due to the need to stay home, we had to figure something out to keep them occupied. That’s when CodeChangers entered the scene and cured the boredom!

The Nitty Gritty of CodeChangers Camps

When you find a product you love, it’s hard to contain your excitement for it! Try as I may, it’s hard to tell you all the reasons I’m thankful for our investment in CodeChangers, but I’ll give it a shot!

Projects for Days:

To be honest, the very best thing about CodeChangers is the amount of activities that come with it! We received the “Self-Paced Digital Creator Camp + Kit of Awesomeness.” My kiddos spent DAYS exploring the world of coding.  I had to drag them out of their bedrooms to eat dinner. The projects are fun and perfect for any skill level. Most of them can be repeated over and over, so it’s perfect for filling hot summer days. 

After long days of homeschooling, my kids still rush off to their rooms to “play” CodeChangers. (Shhhh! Don’t tell them they’re learning! They think it’s just fun, fun, fun!)  

I love that I can count their hours of exploring the world of code as homeschool hours.

Learning to code has never been easier! Code Changer camps not only teach but also includes every single thing you need for over 25 hours of coding fun!

STEM Education:

Activities like building with blocks, science experiments and math problems have been proven to help kids’ critical thinking skills but these things often require adult supervision. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send your kiddos to their rooms and they could do a STEM activity, without you sitting right next to them, watching their every move and having to clean up a huge mess when they’re finished?.

CodeChangers offers over 25 hours of STEM education that kids can do independently. That means you can be catching up on laundry while your kiddos is LEARNING! Win-win for the whole family!


Inspires Creativity:

My kids weren’t especially interested in coding until they got their hands on the CodeChangers kit. Once they saw what they could do with just a little bit of coding knowledge, they got excited. Now they’re constantly pointing out “coding” things and wanting to recreate them. I love to see their interests sparked in a topic that I could never have taught them!

Teaches Real-World Skills:

STEM jobs are on the rise, all across the world. By knowing your way around technology, you are opening up a whole new world to your kids’ future endeavors.

Not only does exploring coding open new doors but it also looks great on high school transcripts. If you have a high schooler, CodeChangers camps are the perfect thing to include on their college transcripts!


Fun Teachers:

One of Miss Manners’ favorite things about CodeChangers are the teachers. Seeing hip, young women leading camp classes has really shown her that women can lead the way. The teachers are relatable, explain things well and are good role models to my girls. 

With over 6 years of tech education and over 10,000 students served, the teachers know how to connect with students and make it a fun learning experience. CodeChangers offers online video instructions and flexible schedule completion. 

Learning to code has never been easier! Code Changer camps not only teach but also includes every single thing you need for over 25 hours of coding fun!

Everything You Need:

There’s nothing worse than ordering a “kit” and it showing up with only half of the things you’ll actually need. Gathering up Q-Tips, rubber bands and pipe cleaners can be a chore when you just want to dig in and get started!


CodeChangers does ALL of the dirty work for you! They send every single thing you’ll need for all of the projects. 

Project-Based Learning:

During CodeChangers virtual camps, kids will create both digital and physical products. My kids loved having a physical project to show off to their friends and grandparents!

All Level of Coders:

Coding can seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to! CodeChangers takes all of the frustration out of learning to code with their helpful and super clear video instructions. Even students with absolutely no coding experience will learn and grow.

Within just a few minutes, I saw my kids’ confidence go from super low to high, once they realized coding is something they CAN do!


Awesome Customer Support:

Good customer service is worth its weight in gold and CodeChangers customer support does not disappoint! You can contact them through chat, email or by phone. With so many ways to get in touch, you can guarantee you’ll get the help you need in a timely manner.

Safe & Easy to Access:

CodeChanger doesn’t require any special software so it’s safe and easy to access on any device. Files are stored on the student’s cloud so they can access them from any device at any time. 

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What’s Included in the Self-Paced Digital Creator Camp + Kit of Awesomeness:

Where do I even begin? There is so much included with the CodeChangers’ Digital Creators Camps that it’s hard to list it all. To start, you have over 10 projects, that create over 25 hours of learning. While the price tag can seem a bit shocking at first, the value of the kit is worth every single penny. But when you use our coupon code, the price works out to be about $8 an hour. As we as homeschoolers know, that’s WAY cheaper than you could ever find coding classes in real life.

You get everything you need to complete all of the projects, including: 

  • Video Game Programming: Blobbert
  • Web Development Story
  • Blobbert.io Game Development
  • Micro:bit Introduction
  • Micro:art Project
  • Micro:car Project
  • Virtual Reality Worlds
  • Filter Creations
  • Tinker Projects:
    • LED Flashlights
    • Custom Helicopter
    • LED Throwies

Since our CodeChangers box arrived, my kids have spent every spare minute playing with their projects. It has sparked an interest that I would’ve never otherwise introduced to them.  One of the best things to come out of this pandemic is that my kids have discovered a new hobby that they truly enjoy!

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Learning to code has never been easier! Code Changers camps not only teach but also includes every single thing you need for over 25 hours of coding fun!