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Free Printable Family Feud Christmas Questions

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and it’s not because of the gifts. I love the chilly mornings, smell of cookies baking and the togetherness of the season. Being with family is what makes it all so great but that’s never much fun without a little competition. Kids love party modes during the season. So costumes, party accessories play a great role. That’s why we created these awesome free printable Family Feud Christmas questions for your next holiday party!

A few years ago, before my blog brought in a steady income, we weren’t in the best position financially. We had had a rough year and didn’t have money to splurge on Christmas like we wanted to. It was that year that my whole perception of Christmas changed.

I was determined to have an amazing Christmas, even if there weren’t many gifts under the tree. I spent a few months wracking my brain on how I was going to pull it off.  Finally, I had a plan!

These FREE printable Family Feud Christmas questions are amazing! Our party is gonna ROCK and best of all, no prep is needed! #christmasgames #familyfeud #partygames

Instead of buying the latest gadgets and toys, I opted to make that year more memorable. We took the focus off of gifts and put it on family. Instead of asking the kids what they wanted, we asked them what activity they wanted to enjoy.

Of course, we did get them a few small things, like stocking stuffers but we spent under a hundred dollars for our family of 5 that Christmas.

This year, I wanted to create the same atmosphere at our extended family’s Christmas gathering.

Instead of exchanging gifts, I envisioned a night of playing games, laughing and digging into our favorite foods. But with 20 people in our family, I knew a board game was out of the question. 

I wanted a game that all ages would enjoy. I didn’t want the hassle of gathering around the table, but instead wanted something we could play from the comfort of the couches. My first thought was Christmas Charades (You can find  our free printable version here!) but I needed something else to fill the time.

Then it hit me: our favorite game show! Not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner, but Christmas Family Feud was the obvious answer!

So, I sat down and did some research! After surveying 100 people, I had our game ready to go. I was sure to include questions of all skill levels, so it’s perfect for both kids and adults of all ages.  Some of the questions are so funny, you’ll have the whole crowd rolling with laughter!

Each page has 4 different questions. You can cut them out individually and laminate them, if you plan to use them again. On each game card, there’s a box to mark when each team gets a strike. There’s also a “Total Point” box and a place to mark each correct answer given. This makes it easy to add up the points at the end of the game. 

We played a few rounds of the game already and we had so much fun! Our free printable Family Feud Christmas questions require nearly no prep and is easy to use.

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