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7 Easy Ways to Make $100 This Week

Do you know what I hate? When something amazing pops up for sale and I don’t have the extra cash in my budget to grab it before it’s gone. Or when friends invite us away for the weekend but our budget just won’t allow it. Even worse is when my kids get the opportunity to do something super fun that I know they’d love but, eh, we just can’t swing it.  Or even worse, when Usborne drops some new books but my book budget is non-existent.
In those cases, it’s easy to feel frustrated about our finances. In fact, some days, just going to the grocery store makes me wish we had a bigger bank account. I often have remind myself why we run such a tight ship. It’s simply so we can afford for me to stay home and homeschool the kids. In this life, there is nothing more important to both my husband and I than our kids’ getting the childhood they deserve. 
But many weeks, there’s too much month at the end of our money. And I’m certain we’re not the only ones.
Sure, we have plenty of food, a perfectly simple home and a car that gets us from Point A to Point B. But covering those “extras” in life can seem daunting. It seems unfair to whine about it to my husband, who spends 40+hours every week, sweating his buns off, while running the family business.

Whether you’re sitting aside money for Christmas or you want to buy something totally cool but not necessary, there’s always a way to make some extra cash and QUICK! In fact, you can make $100 this week, without a lot of work!

Easily make $100 this week with these 7 tried and true tips from real moms, just like you!

Check out these 7 easy ideas to make $100 this week!

Sell Your Junk:

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got plenty of junk laying around. Every few months, I’ll go to our garage and see what’s been carelessly tossed out there. Then I head to the kitchen. And next the laundry room. Soon, I’ve got a pile of junk a mile high. (Okay, so maybe not exactly a mile high…) It takes about 5 minutes to list each item for sale. You can choose to list it on Facebook Marketplace (my favorite), Ebay, Craigslist or even Amazon. You’d be amaze at how much money you can make off of stuff you would normally donate or throw away. (I once sold the wooden recliner handle off of our old La-Z-Boy chair. The rest of the chair went to the dump but the handle brought me over $25 on Ebay!)
Don’t worry if you’re missing the pieces. I’ve sold Tupperware lids for as much as the bowl and lid set! Someone needed the lid and I had no need for it anymore, since I didn’t have the matching bowl. I’ve also sold game pieces, the shelves in our old refrigerator door and even chargers to a phone I no longer owned. If you have it, chances are, someone else needs it!

For me, Facebook is the easiest way to make money fast. You don’t have to worry about shipping the item and many folks are willing to swing by your house to pick it up. (Just be careful and use your own judgement when doing that!) The item can be out of your way and money in your hand, the same day!


I’m not a huge fan of babysitting, especially while homeschooling. But I do it occasionally, when I need money or friends are in desperate need of a sitter. I try not to make it a habit because I struggle with focusing on homeschooling when there are other kids around. (You homeschoolers know how it can interrupt our routine when extra people are thrown in the mix!)

Growing up, my mom always babysat. She loved staying home with us and that was her way of contributing to the household income. She had steady kids, who came daily. I prefer to just post on Facebook when I am looking for a babysitting job. Many moms need help occasionally but not every day. They know they can call me to help them out when they need to get away for a bit.

In our area, the going rate is about $15 per day or $20 if the child isn’t potty trained. Easy money!

Clean Something:Easily make $100 this week with these 7 tried and true tips from real moms, just like you!

Whether it’s houses, businesses or cars, it’s easy to make money while cleaning.  Two houses a week and you can easily make $100 this week. You can make your own cleaners, using vinegar, baking soda and water to save money on supplies. Simply post an ad on Craigslist or hang up flyers. Office buildings, banks and daycares are all great places to start. Depending on your location and the size of the business, you can make substantially more money by cleaning businesses than houses.

But the best money is generally in cleaning cars. In my area, an inside detail job starts at $100. If they want the outside cleaned, it’s at least an additional $50 but generally more. Look up YouTube videos to help teach you the tricks of the trade. The most important thing is that you do a thorough job.

If you plan to make this a reoccurring thing, be sure to make some business cards. The word of mouth is the best referral and most businesses will allow you to set your cards on their counters for others to grab.

Sell a Product You Love:

It’s no secret that I am a book lover. After all, I am a homeschool mom. 😉 When I signed up to be an Usborne consultant last summer, I didn’t plan on making money. In fact, I really just wanted to get the start up kit, since it had many of the books on my wishlist, for a much cheaper price.

After my first kick-off party, I realized that there was actually money in this business. I average about $80 per party but have made upwards of $250. (Take into consideration that I don’t actively pursue parties but have only done them for friends. Of the 9 Facebook parties I’ve hosted, I’ve made nearly $1,000!) For a start up cost of about $125, that’s not too shabby of a profit for A.) Not working the company like I should and B.) Not having to get dressed to make money. (Hello, Facebook parties!)

My sister sells LuLaRoe and makes crazy good money. I’m talking HUNDREDS per week. But her start up cost was significantly higher and not one that I would be willing to pay.

(Want to talk about selling Usborne? Shoot me a message at [email protected] and let’s chat! Or if you’re interested in joining LuLaRoe, I can hook ya up with my sister, who is dominating the LuLa World! Both businesses can help you make $100 this week!)

The secret is to find something that you genuinely love and then it won’t even feel like you’re selling anything. With everything from essential oils and hair jewelry to cleaning products and healthy shakes, there is certainly a direct sales company that resonates with you and your interests.

Easily make $100 this week with these 7 tried and true tips from real moms, just like you!

Sell Your Goods:

I have a friend who makes adorable knitted scarves. Each winter, she sells hundreds of them to friends, co-workers and neighbors. At just $10 each, it doesn’t take long for her profits to add up. But what if you can’t knit? Well, you are certainly good at something so find out what it is and market it!

Can you make homemade soaps, scrubs and balms? Do you love to sew? Can you bake or cook? How about crafting? Maybe you’re good at working with your hands and can create gorgeous handmade items.  I invested in an amazing photography course and now capture beautiful images of my friends and family for a fraction of the price of a professional photographer. Eventually, you can set up a home-based business where you can work at home selling stuff online.

The hardest part is figuring out what you enjoy doing that can actually bring in an income. Once you find it, you’ll have no trouble selling your wares. 

Sell Your Kids’ Clothes:

It seems so obvious but I’m always amazed to find out how many stay-at-home moms simply donate their kids’ outgrown clothing. Of course it’s great to give to charity but selling kids clothes is a goldmine. (Okay, maybe not a goldmine, but ya know what I mean.) 😉

Each season, I sell our old duds at the local consignment sale. I average about $400 and only spend about 5 hours actually “working.” A few years ago, I finally got wiser and ordered the required safety pins, printable labels and string tags in bulk. For $10 more than our local store’s price, I got almost 20x as many items! The initial investment was rough but I haven’t had to make any more stressful drives, searching for the right size of labels to use.

Make it even easier on yourself by hanging outgrown clothes in an unused closet with the used of short hanging garment bags, instead of stuffing them into trash bags like I do. 😉 Once the sale rolls around, you’ll simply need to price and tag the item, as you enter it into the computer database. Easy peasy and the payout is amazing! Not to mention, the check is waiting for you on the last day of the sale, along with any unsold items you may have. 

*** Bonus Tip to Make $100 This Week: ***

Plan Ahead:

If you’re looking for a consistent paycheck, you might consider starting a blog. You can do it from home in your free time and the income can be amazing. (We’re talking THOUSANDS each month!) I bring in at least a couple hundred dollars, while only working about 30 hours a month. There are plenty of resources to help you get started but I suggest anything by Ruth Soukup. She’s a genius, when it comes to blogging. She makes a four digit income from BLOGGING! Seriously, y’all! Blogging can change your family’s life.

With just a little bit of work, you can easily make $100 this week! All you need is motivation!

Easily make $100 this week with these 7 tried and true tips from real moms, just like you!

What’s your best ideas for when you need to make $100 this week?