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TypeKids: Typing Lessons that Work!

Isn’t it funny how some of our most important skills are the ones that often get pushed to the side, while we learn other more “important” skills? Everyone is making a huge deal about public schools not teaching cursive anymore yet when they cut back on typing classes, no one had much to say about it.

While cursive used to be the most important skill we needed to communicate in writing, it quickly became replaced by typing. With the huge growth in technology, typing, whether on a laptop or a phone, is a skill that all young people must have.

With kids beginning to text and type at a younger age each day, we sometimes miss the window of opportunity to teach them to type correctly before they accidentally teach themselves to type incorrectly.  While there are free resources available, they simply don’t offer quality of typing lessons that we desired.

That’s why we were so excited to find TypeKids.

I love checking out new products and was compensated for my time to share this program with you. All opinions are my own.

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Learn to Type with TypeKids

Learning to type is important but learning to type the correct way is even more important. Typing using the “hunt and peck” method takes more time and isn’t as consistent. By learning the home row keys and using touch typing, kids can set themselves up for success in the future.

Easy to Use:

Most typing programs require a CD. In this day and age of MacBooks, not everyone has a CD Rom drive. But what they do have is internet access. Luckily, that’s all you need when you’re learning to type with TypeKids! You can work on your typing skills anywhere you have a keyboard and wi-fi!

Give Mom Some Peace:

Many programs require parents to watch over their child’s shoulder to make sure they’re doing a good job. Instead of sitting next to your child, head to the kitchen, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet while your kiddo completes their lessons. (You could also catch up on your laundry, but let’s be real. Coffee sounds so much better.)
At the end of each lesson, you can check their progress report. It is greatly detailed with information like accuracy and which letters need more practice.

Adapting Algorithm:

Most typing programs focus on each letter equally, not giving much attention to the mistakes you’ve made. But TypeKids is different! TypeKids’ adapting algorithm learns from your mistakes and then focuses more on the letters you need to practice. Your weaknesses become your strengths when you use TypeKids.

Learn to Type in Just 30 Lessons:

TypeKids teaches you to type in just 30 short lessons. Unlike free typing games, this ensures that you are progressing quickly and efficiently instead of just playing games. Each lesson adds a new letter for you to master and gives you 4-5 exercises to work through.

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It’s Fun:

Kids will enjoy learning through the pirate-themed typing program as they follow the story of Captain Forty and young pirate, Jack. As they work through their exercises, they’ll earn coins to play games and work towards badges. The more accurate you type, the more coins you earn in a lesson. You can unlock new games by finding treasures. With 7 games that get harder as your typing improves, kids enjoy challenging themselves to see if they can beat each level of the games.
Bright colors and fun animations teach posture and correct finger placement. Kind voices explain each lesson and help kids do their very best.

It’s Affordable:

Typing is one of the things that often gets forgotten in homeschools across the world. After purchasing the “core” curriculum, they don’t have money left to spend a lot on typing. That’s why they often turn to free typing games that don’t teach strategy or ensure that kids are learning to type efficiently. But at just $89.95 it’s worth every penny. That breaks down to less than $3 per lesson. That’s a small price to pay to ensure your kids are learning to type quickly and proficiently.

If your child is struggling with typing or you just want to ensure they learn to type right the first time, you don’t want to miss TypeKids.