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25 Things to Do with Your Teens Before They’re Grown

Try to check off as many of these things to do with your teens before they’re grown!

Raising a teen isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s hard stage that seems to have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Teenagers are amazing people, just trying their best to navigate the world around them. They’ll make mistakes and drive you crazy along the way.

But it’s our job to help them navigate this journey and make sure they feel loved and supported along the way.

One easy way to ensure our teens feel supported is by spending time with them, building a relationship, while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Today, I’m sharing my personal list to things to do with your teens before they’re grown.

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25 Things to Do with Your Teens Before They’re Grown

Make them breakfast in bed

Go on a shopping trip and allow them to splurge a little

Watch a movie or TV series together

Explore something “grown up,” like coffee

Visit the beach

Play board games (We have an obsession with board games! Check out our favorites here.)

Cook a “fancy” meal together


Go on a weekend getaway, with just the 2 of you

Visit the mountains

Hang out with their friends

Visit somewhere unique (We’ve stood on the corner of Winslow, Arizona, been to 4 states at once, seen the world’s largest watermelon, stopped by one of the largest mining machines in the world and so much more! Check out this site for fun stuff near you!)

Go hiking

Create some artwork (We love painting together. This is our favorite online tutorials but you can also find some good ones here.)

Go camping

Create a family ritual

Go thrifting

Have a regular date night

Go to a concert

Tie-Dye shirts (We spent about $100 on supplies a few years ago and have made several batches of tie-dye and still have plenty left for more goodies!)

Disconnect from technology

Hang out with their friends

Watch a meteor shower/eclipse/solar event

Do karaoke together

Complete a puzzle

This list is simple and easy to complete, for the most part. Some of the ideas require a little bit more time, effort and money than others. Most of these ideas allow you a chance to connect over the same thing and give you a chance to visit with them..

Thanks for checking our our list of things to do with your teens before they’re grown!

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