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Art Lessons for the Whole Family

Raise your hand if your kid loves art.
Yeah, mine too.

I know the struggle to find affordable art lessons all too well. Of course, I could go the “free” route but you get what you pay for. With hundreds of YouTube videos available, I really have to keep an eye on what my kids are watching. Once when they were supposed to be drawing  puppies, I found them drawing the project on the “next video,” which just happened to be a girl being stabbed, with blood trails. Yeah, you can imagine my excitement when I saw that. 😉

Looking for affordable homeschool art lessons? Check out Masterpiece Society, a collection of over 100+ videos to help you bring out your inner artist! #homeschooling @artlessons #masterpiecesociety.jpg

So, I set out to find affordable art lessons that wouldn’t corrupt my sweet little children.

I called a local art studio but knew there was no way I could swing it. Each 8 week class cost $90 plus the cost of supplies, which range from $30-$60. At the very least, I would have to pay $240 each semester.


For my 3 kiddos to take art lessons for the entire school year, it would cost over $700!!! And that is just for one 30 minute class per week per kid. For a mama on a budget, that just wasn’t doable!

So, forward I marched with my quest to find affordable art lessons. You can find many online art classes for kids here if you need assistance. I checked into a few online art programs but they didn’t provide much content. My art-loving kids would speed through all of the projects in about a month.

Masterpiece Society Studio

But then…oh happy day!

I found Masterpiece Society Studio.

With HUNDREDS of lessons, there’s something for everyone. Even me. WHAAA? Yes, Masterpiece Society Studio even offers stuff for the MOMS! How amazing is that? I know, I know. But that’s not even the best part. Check out what else is included:

  • Hundreds of ready-to-go lessons, made for kids and teens
  • Simple step-by-step drawing and painting lessons, geared to kids in elementary school (Think dinosaurs, space, ocean-themed and other favorites for young ones!)
  • Special coloring sheets for the littlest siblings who lack fine motor skills or an attention span 😉
  • Brand new art lessons for EACH season
  • Lessons for 10+ holidays
  • Create & Connect, art projects for moms
  • Art School, art lessons for the whole family, where they can master drawing, watercolors, acrylics & oils and pastels. In these 4 courses alone, you will learn:
    • The Elements of Art
    • The Principles of Design
    • Accuracy
    • Value & Intensity
    • The Color Wheel & Color Mixing
    • Perspective & Vanishing Point
    • Proportion
    • Shapes & Negative space
  • PLUS: Every single new art course offered by Masterpiece Society

Check out some of my favorite paintings me and my kiddos have created using Masterpiece Society!

Masterpiece Society has hired several new art teachers so they can bring you even MORE amazing art tutorials, all year long! They are constantly adding to the site and each new course gets even better than the last!

3 things from Masterpiece Society that I’m most excited to try in 2021:

  • LiterARTure
  • Poetry Painting
  • Nature Journaling Art Course

You’ll master art supplies that have always stumped you and figure out new ways to approach basic supplies:

Conte crayons
Colored pencils
Oil pastels
Chalk pastels

You guys. Masterpiece Society Studio is a homeschool mom’s dream. With hundreds of lessons, easy-to-understand videos and a spectacular price tag, you will fall in LOVE with it!

Okay, okay. By now you’ve realized that this course is simply amazing and is worth a lot more than our once a week lessons, right? I bet you’re imagining a price tag even bigger than that of our local art studio. But you’re wrong.

What if I was to tell you that you can get access to EVERYTHING I mentioned about for only $35 per month?

Well, you can!
And that price is not PER KID! It’s per family.

Holy smokes, right!?! 
I know. I was floored to find high quality lessons for over $500 CHEAPER than my local lessons. Y’all, I don’t even have to put on a bra to go to these online lessons. Y’all. That’s only $30 a MONTH for hundreds of ready-to-go art lessons for the whole family. 

But here’s the deal:

Masterpiece Society is open for enrollment for one week only. That’s why you need to HURRY and grab your subscription before it closes on August 7th.

Click here to join today.

Masterpiece Society Studio

Looking for affordable homeschool art lessons? Check out Masterpiece Society, a collection of over 100+ videos to help you bring out your inner artist! #homeschooling @artlessons #masterpiecesociety.jpg

Not sure you’ll love it as much as we do? Grab this FREE art lesson sampler and try before you buy!