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How to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

It’s incredibly easy to collect things you don’t need and end up cluttering your home. Whether you’re organizing your house to prepare for a move or you’re simply fed up of sorting through your things, it is possible to keep your home clutter-free!

These top tips will help you get – and stay – organized!

These tips to keep your home clutter-free are super helpful! Especially #4!

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Don’t put it off

The best way to stay on top of these sorts of jobs is to constantly work towards them. A lot of us only declutter when the house desperately needs it, and this ends up giving us more to do. Rather than leaving these jobs until this point, spending a bit of time every week decluttering will help you stay on top of it and prevent the build-up. 

Getting yourself into a routine will make this easier, and you’ll quickly see which spots around the house are the worst for clutter. You can then work these areas into your weekly cleaning schedule and keep them clear. Things get easier as the days go by, so if you’re having a hard time at first, put the “hard to get rid of” items next to the dumpster, then as you move on, putting them inside will become easier! If you don’t have a dumpster ready, you can get a quote today for home delivery.

If you’ve already put it off for far too long, consider hiring Glimmr maid service. They can whip your house into shape in just a few hours!

Set yourself boundaries

A lot of the time, we’re able to identify certain items that we tend to clutter our homes with, and if you’re able to do this you can start to look at ways to prevent the build-up. Developing yourself some rules will reduce the amount of clutter that you bring into your house, meaning you won’t have to spend as much time organizing it. 

A lot of people find that paperwork is their downfall, so rather than filing unnecessary items you can scan them and store them digitally, saving you space while still knowing that you can access the documents if you need them. 

Only buy new items when you throw out old ones

Decluttering is a very long process and is a huge amount of work, so once you’ve achieved it the last thing you want to do is fall into bad habits and have to re-do it. To avoid falling into the same cycle, start only buying new things when you’ve got rid of old ones. 

This will limit the amount of stuff that you have in your house at any time, and will prevent you starting to build up the clutter again. It will also mean that you reassess the things that you’ve kept, confirming whether they’re worth keeping or if you’d rather get rid of them to replace them with something else. This is an especially helpful tip for those who are getting ready to move, and have been asking themselves “how can I sell my house quickly?” as you will ensure that you’re keeping your current house clear and attractive for your viewers. It also means that you’re not setting yourself up to fill your new home with things you don’t need. 

Before and after photos

Taking photos of your home before you’ve started your clear-out, and then taking more after you’ve completed will not only show you how much work you’ve done, but it will act as a reminder of what you’ve put into it and help prevent you falling back into the cluttering mindset.

Keeping the photos is a really good way of keeping you focused and motivated, as they will show you what a difference you’ve made. A lot of the time, after a while we forget just how bad things were, which makes it easier to start to clutter again. Showing yourself those photos will keep reminding you and will help you be stricter with yourself, letting you keep your house clutter-free. 

Make sure everything has a home

One of the biggest causes of clutter is the ease of just putting something down on a surface and leaving it there. All it takes is one item, and you’ll quickly notice more and more things finding their way onto your surfaces leaving them messy and cluttered. 

Making sure that everything has a home will prevent this from happening, as well as encourage you to not just put the thing down, but put it where it belongs. Organizing your belongings like this will mean that you completely avoid the risk of clutter building up and will keep the house spick and span. It will take some time to adjust, but after a while it will become standard practice to put your things where they belong. 

Keeping your home clutter-free isn’t the easiest job, but by following these tips you’ll be able to create ways to help organize yourself and reduce the risk of that clutter building back up.