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How to Build a Career in Data Analytics

Looking for a steady and stable job? Check out these tips on how to build a career in data analytics.

Data analytics is a booming field right now. The US Bureau for Labor Statistics claims that there were 113,300 jobs occupied by data scientists in 2021. There is also expected growth in this field between 2021-2031 at a growth rate of 36%. This growth figure accounts for approximately 13,500 vacancies yearly for data scientists in the US for the next decade. That makes it a great time to build a career in data analytics.

It’s not just for young professionals. People of all ages are using their existing skills to take advantage of this growing career path. If you have grown children who want to build a career in data analytics boot camp after school, we’ve got some tips to help them get started.

Love these tips to build a career in data analytics!

Tips to Build a Career in Data Analytics

Are You Willing to Help Your Kids Find Their Career Path After Schooling?

A HarrisPoll survey done for Public Charter Schools reveals that 84% of parents showed more interest in how their child was educated during the pandemic. At the same time, 78% of parents became more involved in their child’s education. This involvement compels more parents to suggest a better career path for their children.

However, you need to understand what your kids want to do and be willing to help them find their career path. If you force your child into a job they don’t want, it will not work out for them. Your kid might quit soon after starting, or worse still, feel demotivated and unfulfilled in their work.

It’s also important that parents don’t push children into following in their footsteps. This is usually done if they are unhappy with where they ended up after school. It can lead to resentment between parent and child. They may have different ideas on what is best for them as adults.

Find Out Whether Your Kid is Interested in Subjects Like Math and Statistics

In addition to the subjects you may have learned in school, data analytics also requires science, statistics, and mathematics knowledge. Data analytics is a broad field that covers many areas and includes many different types of jobs.

Data scientists, responsible for finding patterns and insights within large amounts of data, tend to be experts at math and statistics. While it’s good if your child is interested in these subjects, they’re not necessarily required for success in a data-related career. 

However, your kid must understand how these fields are used in their chosen profession before starting their training program so they can get ahead from day one.

Look for Related Courses, Conferences, and Workshops for Your Kids

When choosing a course for your child, it’s important to consider which topics will be most relevant to them. Choosing a topic that interests them is critical. It will keep them motivated and engaged in the learning process throughout their schooling.

Data analytics boot camps are always available if you can’t find anything else. They’re usually shorter than university programs. They’ll still provide your kid with the necessary skills to succeed in data analytics.

Find out if there are any data analytics bootcamps in your area by checking online or asking around at local colleges and universities. Doing so allows you to narrow down your options based on location. This ensures nothing gets lost when researching opportunities that work best for both parties’ schedules.

Find a Data Analytics Bootcamp Course That Fits Your Requirement

It is important to select a data analytics bootcamp online or offline that fits your child’s interest. For example, if your child is an aspiring healthcare professional, the bootcamp should focus on healthcare. 

Similarly, if their interest is in finance, you need to look for a course that teaches financial data analytics. The more specific the program is with its subject matter, the better chances it will yield good results and leads to a successful career in data analytics for your kid.

A good rule of thumb when searching for such a bootcamp would be to find one that does not charge too much and has convenient timings. An online bootcamp is particularly helpful. It ensures that the course does not interfere with school work or other hobbies.

Find out what reviews exist about these programs before enrolling them or sending off your child halfway across town or abroad.

Educate Yourself About the Analytics Field

Data analytics is collecting, organizing, and analyzing data to interpret meaning. Data analysts use statistical methods, business intelligence software, and other tools to find insights into big data sets that can help organizations make better decisions.

There are many different career options available for those interested in working with data analytics. These include:

  • Data scientists: They work at the intersection of technology, business, science, and mathematics to collect data from various sources. They then clean it up and analyze it using advanced techniques like machine learning to extract insights that can help businesses make better decisions.
  • Business analysts: These people examine an organization’s current processes and problems to determine where improvements should be made. They may also be tasked with collecting data. They’ll use surveys or other methods so they can identify trends within the organization over time.
  • Information security analyst: This role focuses on ensuring that all information stored by an organization remains secure against threats such as hackers. Information security analysts also create plans for responding if there is ever an attack on their system while keeping customers safe during the incident response process when necessary.

Follow Up on the Latest Industry Trends

When it comes to staying on top of the latest trends in your industry, you should be sure to check out the following resources:

  • Companies like SAS and IBM publish monthly reports with interesting data and insights.
  • Data-driven publications like Forbes, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey Quarterly, and Wired provide great insight into current developments in analytics.
  • Google Trends allows you to track search terms over time.

Suggest But Don’t Force Your Kid

A study from JobList reveals that 48% of candidates feel that their parents played a strong role in influencing their career path. The same study reveals that 40% of candidates felt the pressure to pursue a career of their parent’s choice. 2 out of 3 parents were disappointed that their kids didn’t follow their advice.

You don’t want to push your kid into a field they’re not interested in. If you do this, it will just cause resentment. It’s better to have a good relationship with your children than for them to respect you. It may be tempting but try not to force them into something they aren’t interested in.

Instead, encourage them to explore all of their options before settling on what career path they will go down. Allow them the ability and freedom you have when making decisions about your future. Make them responsible enough with money management and support themselves financially if necessary.

Make Your Child Familiar with Popular Data Analytics Tools

There are several data analytics tools out there that can be used to solve problems and make decisions. The most popular ones include R, Python, and SAS (Statistical Analysis System). Some other tools include Tableau, KNIME (a data integration platform), SQL (Structured Query Language), and Hadoop. Knowing how these tools work is important for your child to get a job in analytics.

For example, your child may have to use Python or R to analyze data sets statistically. He might also need to learn how SQL works for database management and Hadoop for data processing.

Parents Need to Help Their Children Choose a Career Path

As a parent, ensuring your kid has the right education is one of the most important things you can do. However, it is not easy for parents to choose their kid’s careers. At this age, the kids don’t know what to do. They may want to become lawyers or doctors, but they also want something different and unique. 

In this situation, parents need to help their children find their career path. They can help them choose a career that fits their interests and skill sets.

If you have children interested in pursuing a career in data analytics, there are many ways they can learn. From coding classes to online courses and certificates, there are plenty of options. These options can help them prepare for a job in this field. If your child is already enrolled in an after-school program where they would be taking these classes, consider letting them stay there during summer break, so they don’t fall behind on their coursework.

Love these tips to build a career in data analytics!