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15 Experiences to Gift That Are Better Than Presents

15 Experiences to Gift That Are Better Than Presents

Gift giving is and art form and finding just the right gifts for your loved ones takes a little bit of work. Although the best gifts are the ones you can’t buy, there are plenty of great options out there that don’t involve much shopping. If you’ve always had a hard time buying presents, consider one of the suggestions below for gift experiences filled with adventure and fun.

Love love love this list of experiences to gift instead of the usual clutter!

15 Experiences to Gift

Jewelry Making Workshop

A jewelry making workshop is a great gift you can give your loved ones. You can order a kit online, or you can buy all the beads and utensils you need from your local crafts store. If you are feeling fancy, add a few freshwater pearls to your shopping list as well. If you are a beginner, start with different types of bracelets, as they are the easiest to make.

Escape Room

This thrilling experience is a fun adventure you can all do together as a family. If you don’t have an escape room around your area, you could purchase an interactive game which comes with family-friendly mental and physical puzzles for you to solve with your kids and partner.

Dance Classes

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to have fun. You can organize a dance class for the whole family in your living room or backyard. Just find the class you want from the multitude of options on YouTube and enjoy. 

DIY Pottery Session

Get your hands dirty and create unique pieces out of clay. You can purchase classes from your local pottery studio, or you could bring the class to your house with a kit which contains all the tools you need to make the perfect little pot.

Beginners Cooking Class

A cooking class is never a bad idea, especially if it is taught by grandma. As she is probably the best cook in the family, your nana will teach you all her secrets, tips and tricks so you can try to replicate her delicious recipes. 

Camping Trip

Whether you’re on a camping trip outside your city or just in your backyard, install a tent, start a campfire and make lots of memories together with your family. 

Family Photo Session

Use your polaroid camera or phone and ask a friend to take photos of your family together while you make funny faces and enjoy each other’s company. 

Pizza Making Lab

Probably one of your kids’ favorite foods, pizza, is easy to make. It’s delicious and it can be a very fun activity to do as a family. Organize a pizza making lab in your kitchen. Let your kids get as creative as they want with unique toppings and flavors. 


Allow mom or dad a day to relax and enjoy some time to herself by taking the kids out to visit their grandparents for the entire day. 

Chocolate Tasting

This one is probably our favorite gift idea on the list. Buy a few different types of delicious chocolates and organize a tasting session at home. Rate the treats from best to least favorite and choose a winner. 

Picnic in the Park 

The classic picnic in the park never gets old. Pack a few goodies and outdoor games and take your family out for a fun day in the sun. 

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Kids always have fun at a scavenger hunt, but parents can enjoy this family activity also. Hide a few treats around your yard (or inside your home) and you’re all set. 

Beach Day 

Who doesn’t love a day by the water? We know your kids will. If you don’t live close to the sea, a lake or river will do the trick.

Bike Tour

Rent a few bikes and pedal around the city, visiting places which you haven’t been to in a while. Or opt to show your kids parts of the town that they don’t know. 

Movie Marathon

Kids love to stay up late so gift them one night to enjoy all their favorite movies and TV shows. 

If you’re looking for experiences to gift, instead of things, hopefully you found some good ideas!