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My 31 Favorite Homeschool Blogs

You’ve heard of the old saying “Over the hill,” right? Well, guys, as of today, I am officially over the hill! Today is my 31st birthday, making me older than dirt.

Okay, that might be a bit dramatic, I suppose. But seriously. Isn’t 30 the new 40? Because it sure feels that way to me.

In honor of such an exciting milestone, I wanted to share with you my 31 favorite homeschool blogs.

These are women who are trying to shine their light into the world, encourage other moms and make life just a little bit easier for all of us with their helpful advice.   Please don’t hesitate to comment or follow them because they each have a little something different to offer to the homeschool world.

31 Favorite Homeschool Blogs

30 Favorite homeschool blogs

  1. From ABCs to ACTs
  2. Homeschooling Without Training Wheels
  3. Techie Homeschool Mom
  4. Not Before 7
  5. My Little Poppies
  6. Teach Beside Me
  7. Nourishing My Scholar
  8. Homeschool Your Boys
  9. The Crafty Classroom
  10. The Unlikely Homeschool
  11. Simple Homeschool
  12. Annie and Everything
  13. Table Life Blog
  14. Confessions of a Homeschooler
  15. This Outnumbered Mama
  16. In All You Do
  17. My Joy-Filled Life
  18. The Hmmmschooling Mom
  19. The Measured Mom
  20. 123 Homeschool 4 Me
  21. The Relaxed Homeschool
  22. 1+1+1=1
  23. Cornerstone Confessions
  24. Hip Homeschooling Blog
  25. Not Consumed
  26. Hifalutin Homeschooler
  27. Mama Teaches
  28. Raising Lifelong Learners
  29. This Chaotic Bliss
  30. Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus
  31. Gift of Curiosity

I hope you’ll take some time to browse through these amazing blogs. Most of them are simply women like you, who are doing the very best for their family and are willing to share tips and tricks to help others out. From free printables  to just the encouragement you need, I hope you’ll find something amazing that makes your life just a little bit easier.

And that, my friends, is my birthday present from me to you! And since my birthday is only 9 days after Christmas, I generally get a Christmas/Birthday present, which isn’t always the best.

I hope you’ve enjoyed binge-reading my favorite homeschool blogs!

Whether you're looking for encouragement, free printables or just some mom-humor, you're sure to find it in this list of my favorite homeschool blogs.