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How to Take Your Own Family Photos

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Want to learn to take your own photos?

Clicking amazing photos is an art. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, understanding the nuances of clicking the right photos will take your photography game to the next level. 

And when it comes to DIY photography, it is more than just clicking some photos of your kids. 

Are you looking to upgrade your mom-tography skills but don’t know where to start? Here are some great tips and tricks to help you take your own family photos. 

I LOVE these tips on how to take your own family photos! So so helpful.

How to Take Your Own Family Photos

Use Props

Don’t worry. You don’t have to buy fancy props for your family photos. A simple bowl of fruit and a bouquet well-staged in the shot will change the entire vibe of your photo. Look for bright and classy things like winter backgrounds and carefully add them to your frame. You can also consider buying winter backdrops if you want to add a winter touch to your photography. 

Change Up Shooting Angles

You need a splash of creativity to make a living space look desirable. To do that, try photographing the kids from the doorway to capture more of the environment. Pay attention to the clutter in the space. Is it too distracting? Can you remove it? If so, it’ll be much easier to take your own family photos.

Or, try photographing them from a top angle as they play on the floor. You can then use a picture collage tool to create a beautiful collage with multiple angles of the same shot.

Set Proper Camera Settings

Residential photography demands excellent lighting. However, if you don’t have access to special lighting equipment, you can increase the quality of your photo by using the following settings on your camera. 

Set your aperture value between f/7.1 to f/9, and use a shallow field depth to highlight certain objects in the frame. Keep the shutter speed between 1/60 and 1/2 a second. Make sure you increase the ISO value with higher shutter speeds. Don’t let your ISO go over 400. 

Invest In External Flash

External flashes can be your best friend if you are shooting indoors. Please don’t go for standard flashes because they are too weak for this photography niche. Whereas an external flash can be easily attached to the camera or placed anywhere else to improve light in the space.

Use a Full-Frame Camera

To improve your photos, you have to ditch cameras with a cropped sensor. This kind of camera doesn’t get enough light and product subpar photos. On the other hand, full-frame cameras are great at capturing maximum light. If buying a full-frame camera is not in your budget at the moment, try getting one with interchangeable lenses for better results.

Use a Tripod in Low Light

Your picture is sure to appear blurry if you are capturing photos in low light without a tripod. Having a tripod in place will improve the picture sharpness and simplify the shooting process.

Turn on the Lights

More often than not, the house lights aren’t used to their full advantage during photography. You can make your photo look warm by turning on all yellow lights. Turning off all the lights will make the images cold. 

Open The Windows

The truth is, natural light is the best thing that you can use when you take your own family photos. No flashes or light bulbs can replace the sun, so open those windows and blinds and let the sunshine brighten up your space. 

Now you’re ready to take your own family photos!

Paying someone else to take family photos can get super expensive but these tips will surely help you take your picture skills to the next level. They may not be perfect, but they’ll capture the simple moments that happen in the happiness of your home.

I LOVE these tips on how to take your own family photos! So so helpful.