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Unexpected Things You Achieve While Homeschooling

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Wondering what unexpected things you achieve while homeschooling?

The number of parents who are homeschooling is steadily increasing year on year. In the UK, a study by the government in 2021 reported that there were over 81,200 registered home-educated children.
Although homeschooling is an incredibly rewarding experience, it can be difficult.

Love this list of unexpected things you achieve while homeschooling!

4 Unexpected Things You Achieve as a Homeschooler

Culturally Educate Your Child

Cultural education is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding aspects of homeschooling. You can take your child on trips to the museum. You can work on social skills by meeting up with other homeschoolers for group lessons or playtime.

For religious education, you could take your child on a visit to a synagogue, temple, mosque or church. You can examine the architecture, and observe a traditional day. Another idea is to visit large religious festivals like Diwali. You will see how they operate outside the static writing inside a textbook.

Study a Distance Learning Course

Although homeschooling can be time-consuming during the day, when you have time for hobbies once you’re finished for the day, you can take up a distance learning course.

The flexible nature of distance learning means that you can learn in your own time, whenever you want to. All you need is a good internet connection and the ability to meet any set deadlines for assignments.
Universities like Anglia Ruskin have a wide array of courses suited for a huge number of interests, whether you’re interested in Sustainability, Biomedical Science or Data Science.

There’s something for everyone!

Create a Savings Pot and Travel

Although homeschooling incurs its own set of costs, you can save on extra spending like uniform and transport. You could put together a savings pot with this money. Spend it towards exciting educational trips, or a family holiday.

You could even take your homeschooling on the road with you! If you decide to travel with your children, they’ll experience other cultures and learn a new language. Immersing them in different cultures will give them a well-rounded view of the world.

Encourage Independence

One of the biggest concerns surrounding homeschooling is that it does not promote independence in the same way as a traditional school environment.

However, you can teach independence in a real-life situational environment instead. For example, when teaching a child a maths lesson about money, you could take them to a shop on a quiet weekday. You can encourage them to spend their pocket money by using their coins and budgeting.

They can also set up saving goals. They can set up a bank account and learning how to use a debit card.

Banking services like GoHenry allows you to set up a bank account in your child’s name that they can have a pre-paid debit card for. The mobile app allows you to set “Money Missions” through the app to earn badges and progress through levels.

Do you know of any unexpected things you achieve while homeschooling?
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Love this list of unexpected things you achieve while homeschooling!