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PDFBear: How to Protect Your Data

Protect Your Data By Converting Your MS Excel to PDF With PDFBear

Data protection is essential in the digital age. People pay massive amounts of money for it and the need can vary depending on the extent or nature of work. For example, recorded works that are meant to be sold should never leak to the public. That is why data protection is crucial in any job. This is the same reason why it is essential to convert Excel to PDF. Doing this will prevent the rearrangement of data. Converting Excel to PDF will also prevent the data from being copied. This goes for other formats. The PDF format happens to be one of the most reliable designs. It is also compatible with any operating system. 

Protect Your Excel Presentation Through PDF Conversion

The thing about Excel sheets is that they are easy to create and edit. In particular, they make accounting work so easy. By conversion, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that there are times when you need to prevent any changes in your data. These changes can occur by accident. So, to protect the changes, you can convert Excel to PDF by creating a PDF copy of the file. That way, you can prevent any change from happening. You can save the integrity of your work. You can also prevent unwanted copying of your data. This is crucial in work that requires security. The PDF format of your work is also great in a presentation. This way, there is no danger that you might delete the original. 

PDFBear: A Light Tool With Powerful PDF Capabilities

There is a tool called PDFBear, which is an online tool that is lightweight and powerful. It is built with ease and speed in mind. Consider working on a deadline. It would not be easy to find another tool that lets you multitask and convert different tasks simultaneously. But this website does this without any issue. There is a free version of this website that is too powerful and can do any task. 

The pro version is for those people who do file conversions the hardcore way. These are people who are working with corporate projects in bulk. This is where the ease of using PDFBear pro shines through. It allows you to have multiple uploads and downloads. It also permits you to work with any file size. Note that this capacity is not possible with other converters. For instance, you want to work with several files of varying sizes. PDFBear will let you upload these files to the server. You can then download the converted versions to your computer or share them with those you are working with. 

PDFBear is the safest way to convert MS Excel to PDF! I love this insight.

Security Is Of Great Importance 

PDFBear pro has a dedicated customer care personnel who will assist you. Think about the ease it gives you, especially when you are working on a deadline. Instead of looking for other tools or means to resolve the issue, PDFBear has it all. Its server is also highly secured. This is the advantage of a cloud-based tool. Your files are protected in the server to prevent hacking or malware from destroying your hard work. Computers are vulnerable to malware and other sorts of issues. 

Your computer might break down in the middle of a crucial task. Or, you might have a security breach that will compromise your stored data. Cloud-based tools act as your backup, so, there is no worry about your files getting lost when your computer has issues. You can also store your data in the server for as long as you want. This is true with the pro version. With the regular version, your files will be deleted after an hour, automatically. If you think about it, this advantage will give you ample space in your hard drive. This gives you more freedom to work and store more documents.

The Easy Process Of Converting Excel To PDF wth PDFBear

The process is straightforward when converting Excel to PDF. It would help if you had a browser of your choice (Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, etc.) and a good internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you are using cellular data or wifi. The important thing is that your relationship is good enough when you are working with multiple files or multitasking. In converting, the first thing you need to do is to go to the PDFBear website. You will see all the tools on the main page. Look for Excel to PDF in the list of all the tools. You can then either drag or upload your Excel file on the converter tool. There will be a PDF option available. You click convert. You wait for the system to analyze and then convert the file. After the process, your file is ready for download and sharing.

The good thing about this conversion process is that the tool will create your Excel file’s accurate replica. You get crisp and clear rows and lines. You get proper and readable data. This clarity is one of its strengths. PDFBear converts standard XLS format. However, it will also support an XLSX to PDF conversion. This process makes your everyday task productive and comfortable. The server will remove your files automatically after an hour. But with the pro version, you can choose to save them.

Final Thoughts

With the ease and speed of tasks using PDFBear, this makes the tool handy for everyday duty. This toll is something anyone can use whether you are working on simple tasks or working in bulk. The great thing about this PDF conversion tool is that you don’t have to download and run it. It is cloud-based, so once you are done, it doesn’t eat up computer space. You can also choose to add to your bookmarks for ease of your and accessibility. If you are working online, then it is a brainer that you need this tool as part of your daily use. Make sure to check out this website so you can see it for yourself!