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Simplify Your College Search with Thiel College

When the time comes to begin your child’s college search, there are so many things to consider that it quickly becomes overwhelming. But, among all the big-school promises, there’s one jewel that stands out in the crowd.

You can simplify your college search when you begin with Thiel College!

This post is sponsored by Thiel College. All opinions are my own and a positive review was not required.
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Thiel College, located in Greenville, PA is full of opportunity and experiences. Students thrive and parents sleep easy, knowing they didn’t have to break the bank in order for their kids to get a college experience. But there are plenty of other things to love about Thiel College, too!

10 Fun Facts About Thiel College

Credits, Credits, Credits:

Thiel College is ready to accept credits for college in high school! They also accept advanced placement, dual enrollment and college credit plus. That means we can start working on earning credits NOW!

Learning Leadership

One of the things I want to ensure that my child learns is leadership skills. However, as homeschoolers, that can be hard to teach. Thiel College helps students discover the leader within them and learn new ways to thrive. They have their very own Tomcat Way leadership development model which helps students work with their strengths to become a better and more efficient leader.

Simplify your college search when you start with Thiel College!

Connections for a Lifetime

Many colleges leave students feel overwhelmed and alone but Thiel College helps students make connections in all areas of their lives. From social and intellectual to professional and experiences, students will get them all at Thiel College. These connections are not just casual meetings, but real connections that will benefit the student throughout the rest of their lives.

College Scholarships for Homeschoolers:

One of my biggest worries about sending my homeschoolers to college is that we won’t get adequate scholarships, compared to public schoolers. But that’s simply not true! Thiel College awarded $21 million dollars in college scholarships in 2021!

A whopping 99% of Thiel College students received some aid!

Simplify your college search when you start with Thiel College!

Successful Students

95% of Thiel College graduates are employed or continuing their studies within a year of graduating. As a mom who worries about what the “next step” is for her kids, this give me peace, knowing that my kids will come out of college with the confidence and skills to get started right away on their future.

Investing in the Future

Outdated college campuses can make learning harder for students. Thiel College has recently invested more than $47 million into new construction and renovations. They know the importance of state-of-the-art educational centers and student housing. Their new science building and gymnasium make learning easier and helps students feel more confident in their learning.

Simplify your college search when you start with Thiel College!

Learn from the Best

What good is going to college if you don’t get any real-world experiences? At Thiel College, 100% of students complete at least one internship or other high impact practice.

Internships are an incredibly important part of the college experience. It allows students to get hands-on exposure to the topics they’re studying, while also making those oh-so-important connections.

Personalized Experience

Moms often worry that their homeschoolers will feel overwhelmed and defeated when they send them off to college. But Thiel College has a, 11:1 student/faculty ratio. This is nearly unheard of and leaves students plenty of helpful resources to ensure they don’t feel alone.

This is one of the most important things a college can offer students, in my own opinion.

Simplify your college search when you start with Thiel College!

Undergrad Program

Thiel College is dedicated to their students’ success. They offer a supportive, challenging and rewarding learning environment to discover the path students are meant to take! With over 60 majors & minors, they want to ensure you find a career that will suite you for the rest of your life.

A Small School with a Big Heart

Thiel College offers something that most campuses miss: a small, intimate school setting with a big heart. The staff and faculty ensure students feel welcome and comfortable, while the small school ensures they are successful in their studies. It’s a rare find when students are excited about learning and experiencing all of the things their college has to offer.

Simplify your college search when you start with Thiel College!

As a homeschool parent, there’s not more that you can ask for than an exceptional college experience at an affordable price. The small classes and huge opportunities for college scholarships are just added bonuses! You can easily simplify your college search when you check out Thiel College first.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind college, you can’t miss Thiel College.

Simplify your college search when you start with Thiel College!