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Teaching Textbooks on a Budget

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Whether you’re a homeschool newbie or have been homeschooling for years, chances are you’ve heard about the amazing math program that has homeschool families everywhere singing its praise.

While the popularity of Teaching Textbooks is soaring, it’s no secret that the biggest drawback is the price tag. With each level costing over $100, no matter how great the curriculum is, it’s still out of many families’ budgets.

Most homeschooling families have the added challenge of squeezing enough money from their already tight budget to purchase curriculum for multiple children. Luckily, we’ve found a way to purchase Teaching Textbooks for less than $50/year per child after your first year!

WHAT!?! A legit way to spend less than $50/yr on our most expensive curriculum? Teaching Textbooks on a budget? Yes, please!

So what’s our secret? It’s simple.

Purchase your Teaching Textbook curriculum, use it for the year and sell it when you are done! Don’t think it’s possible? Lucky for you, I’ve done the research.

{The retail price reflects the current price of each set on the Teaching Textbooks website.  The “Used Selling Price” reflects the price of full sets found on one of many Teaching Textbooks Buy, Sell and Trade groups on Facebook. (I didn’t search for the lowest price. Instead I went with the first price I saw, checking around to verify that it was the “going rate” for that particular set.) The “Total Spent for the Year” price assumes you bought the curriculum new and are selling for the average price for your used set. Obviously the savings could be much more if you chose to buy your curriculum used instead of new.}

Teaching Textbooks On A Budget

Curriculum            Retail Price               Used Selling Price                      Total Spent

TT3                             $119.90                               $90                                           $29.90

TT4                             $119.90                               $90                                          $29.90

TT5                             $119.90                               $85                                           $34.90

TT6                             $149.90                               $110                                          $39.90

TT7                             $149.90                               $120                                          $29.90

 Pre-Algebra              $184.90                               $135                                          $49.90

Algebra 1                     $184.90                               $140                                         $44.90

Algebra 2                    $184.90                               $140                                          $44.90

Geometry                   $184.90                               $150                                           $34.90


For less than $50 per year, you can use Teaching Textbooks in your homeschool.

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Still wondering WHY you should be using Teaching Textbooks? Here’s the {short list} of reasons:

It’s easy to use:

The program is so simple that anyone with a computer can use it. If you can work a  VCR, you can work Teaching Textbooks! After the quick initial set-up, you can simply insert the CD into your computer and a screen will pop up. Press “play” and you’re set.  It’s really that easy!

No need to guess which level you need:

The placement tests are perfect for finding out exactly where your kiddo needs to be.Teaching Textbooks on a budget! Whether you’re coming from public school or another math curriculum, it’s nice that you can find out exactly which set you need, before you purchase!

It is a goldmine of information:

The folks at Teaching Textbooks didn’t skimp when it came to details.  It gives you the option to view the solution to each problem and talks you through it every step of the way. With this curriculum, you can always find out where you messed up. Another great feature is the occasional “hint,” where you have the option of receiving a hint for the harder problems. I can’t even imagine the HOURS that have went into making such a detailed program!

Parents love it:

It’s so incredibly hands-off that it allows parents a chance to do something other than teach. Teaching Textbooks on a Budget!For about 30 minutes a day, we can clean, work with the other kids or just relax while your child completes his math. If you want to be more involved, you can sit beside your child while he works but it isn’t necessary.

Kids love it:

With the fun Bonus Rounds, talking buddies and silly illustrations, it’s no wonder Teaching Textbooks is a hit with kids of all ages! When asked what she likes most about Teaching Textbooks, my 11 year old daughter replied “They teach it in a way that kids can understand.” By involving the kids in the lecture, they ensure the kids completely comprehend all of the information provided, without feeling overwhelmed.

It’s not time consuming:

Some math programs take about an hour to complete. My kids typically finish within 30 minutes.  Teaching Textbooks on a budget!This also makes it easy to catch up if you’ve fallen behind. No longer will you feel stressed and overwhelmed when you miss a lesson. You can quickly and painlessly catch up on your lessons.

It teaches important life skills:

Not only does Teaching Textbooks cover basic math problems but it also teaches many life skills. From figuring interest to calculating profits and losses, it gives kids a taste of “real-world math.”

It’s actually quite a bargain:

Each set of CDs includes between 120 and 160 hours of teaching. If you do the math, that’s less than $1 per hour of one-on-one tutor style teaching! Any parent who has ever hired a tutor will attest that $1 per hour is a heck of a deal!

The customer service is out of this world:

There’s no doubt that Teaching Textbooks tops my list of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. I’ve dealt with them twice and both times they were amazing, going above and beyond my expectations. Not to mention they will replace any damaged CDs for only $15, shipping included!


I like to think that Teaching Textbooks is God’s way of saying “You’re doing great, Homeschool Mama. As a reward, I’ll make math easy on you. No teaching. No grading. No overwhelming instructions. Go enjoy yourself 30 minutes of scrubbing the toilet, free of any interruptions.”

And I’ll gladly take that luxury every day of the year!


WHAT!?! A legit way to spend less than $50/yr on our most expensive curriculum? Teaching Textbooks on a budget? Yes, please!