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10 Usborne Geography Books for Homeschoolers

I wish I could travel the world with my kids.

Experiencing new cultures, strange foods and crazy landmarks would be my kind of adventure.

Unfortunately, I can’t.

But I can give them the world in books.
Books can take you anywhere you want to go. Geography books are the best guide to learning about other people and places, aside from traveling.

We’ve gathered up the top 10 Usborne Geography books for homeschoolers to use as they explore the amazing world around them!

With vibrant photos and tons of fun facts, these 10 Usborne geography books are perfect for any homeschooler!


Geography Encyclopedia: ($19.99)

As with all of Usborne’s Encyclopedias, this is one of my favorite books. In fact, we love it so much that we are using it as the basis of our Geography this year. It covers everything from formations, weather, our solar system, climates, population trends and so much more. The book has several maps and an atlas. Not to mention it is one of Usborne’s infamous Internet-Linked books, which means the learning doesn’t stop once you’ve finished the book. With 400 pages and tons of links, you will be using this book for YEARS!Top 10 Usborne Geography Books for homeschoolers! This list is awesome!

Big Picture Atlas: (16.99)

This huge atlas book is jam-packed with fun facts about other cultures, traditions, and ways of life. From popular foods to capital cities, this book covers it all. The colorful images will keep little minds engaged for hours to come!

Wonders of Our World: ($12.99)

If you’ve never seen Usborne’s Shine-a-Light books, you’re in for a treat! When you shine your flashlight on each page, you can magically “see” a hidden picture! These books are favorites of kids of all ages and Wonders of the World is no different! 

Children’s Picture Atlas: ($12.99)

This beginner’s atlas features nearly 50 pages of brightly colored illustrations, maps and explanations of the world around them. It helps the children understand maps, weather, travel and so much more. Each continent is thoroughly covered, teaching about local plants, animals and people of the region. This fun book even has it’s own “search and find” game at the end of the book.

State Capitals: ($16.99)

Learn about each state’s capital, historical landmarks, natural features and amazing sights in this beautifully illustrated book. See the country like never before!

Across the USA Activity Book: ($14.99)

Draw, color and sticker as you learn all about the USA! This is the perfect book for road trips or to use at home while studying the world around you!

Sticker Dolly Dressing: Around the World: ($8.99)

One of Usborne’s famous sticker books also teaches you all about other cultures. From their everyday dressing to their wedding attire, you will learn so much. Each layer is there to help your child learn all about other cultures. Your kids will fall in love with these sticker books, inspiring them to learn more about other regions of the world, one sticker at a time.

History Uncovered: The USA: ($24.99)

This book features interesting cutouts, showing exactly how the US was purchased and became the United States as we know together. Filled with fun facts, important dates and historical figures, this book is one of the best we’ve ever owned!

Here and There: (12.99)

Ever wonder how folks in other countries live? How they shop for groceries, go on vacation or even to school? This book shows exactly how different life is for people all across the globe. It’s a great way to introduce other cultures to your kiddos.

Flags Sticker Books: ($8.99)

When it comes to sticker books, Usborne is in a league of their own. The Flags Sticker Book is no exception! With pictures of over 200 flags, the pages of this book are full of information, fun facts and the location of each country. You will be amazed at how much your kiddo will learn from these books!

With everything from “Lift-the-Flaps” to the super fun Sticker books, your kiddos will LOVE these amazing Usborne Geography books!

With vibrant photos and tons of fun facts, these 10 Usborne geography books are perfect for any homeschooler!

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