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Top 10 Usborne History Books

You know we are HUGE Usborne fans around here and I’m sure you are, too.

If you’re not, you’re missing out.

The books are amazing. With the thick pages, vivid illustrations and bite-size chunks of information, they’re the perfect addition to any home library.
Usborne is known for their awesome non-fiction books. They take facts and turn them into fun for kids of all ages.

Love this list of the 10 best Usborne history books.

We’ve gathered our top 10 favorite Usborne history books to share with you!

Usborne Encylopedia of World History: ($19.99)

We’ll start with this one because it is a part of the set that originally make me fall in love with Usborne books. The images in this book are simply stunning and the maps are an awesome addition. When you throw in the Internet links, the book becomes invaluable. For only $20, this book is something you need on your family’s bookshelf.

Timelines of World History: ($19.99)

If your child has ever wondered when events happened, this history timeline has the answer. With the awesome pictures and the easy-to-understand timeline, your kids will spend hours enjoying the past.

Encyclopedia of the Ancient World: ($19.99)

This book is the perfect addition to any history curriculum or for the history-lover in your life.  Find out why Julius Cesar was murdered, how writing was first established and so much more! The amazing illustrations and photographs will grab your attention and pull you in.

Medieval World: ($14.99)

From the Chinese to Marco Polo, this Internet linked book will have you learning all about the Medieval period. You will learn everything from who invented fireworks to how a knight trained for battle. Full of vibrant photos and illustrations, the small chunks of information are simple enough for even young children to enjoy.

The World Wars: ($25.99)

While this is one of the most expensive books that Usborne offers, it is also one of the most intriguing. How they turned something as devastating as war into a beautiful book of facts, while still displaying the emotions, is beyond me. This book deserves 2 thumbs up. It will guide you through both World War 1 and World War 2, telling the horrifying details from different points of view. Usborne offers several books on both of the World Wars, but this one is hard to beat!

Time Traveler: ($22.99)

This fun story about a boy who travels through time is not just informative but also exciting. Join him as he visits Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Knights and Vikings. In each time period, he meets and stays with a family, introducing the reader to the everyday life of that era. This book is perfect for kids who don’t enjoy textbook-style learning and crave adventure instead.

Extraordinary Life of Anne Frank: ($5.99)

Take a peek inside one of the most famous Jewish woman’s life, from her travels to her childhood. The book details what life was like for Anne and her family to be in hiding during World War 2.

100 Things to Know About History: ($12.99)

Bright graphics, colorful images and hundreds of fun facts make this book a fun read for all ages! From midnight snacks in medieval times to why the biggest bomb ever didn’t kill a single person, this book has all kinds of interesting informtion, presented in an engaging manner.

History of the World in 100 Pictures: ($9.99)

When kids find history boring because they’re tired of reading boring texts, just give them this book! The pictures are engaging and tell the stories of history in a whole new way.

A Short History of the World: ($14.99)

With over 150 pages packed full of short tidbits of history, this book is perfect for all ages. It presents history in chronological order, making it easy to understand and even more fun to read!

From the beginning to now, history is so important because it is constantly repeating itself.

Make it fun by adding one of these great Usborne history books into your regular curriculum.

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Love this list of the 10 best Usborne history books.