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Online Homeschooling with Elephango

Online homeschooling has never been easier than with Elephango!

Are you struggling to keep up with everything you need to get done in your homeschool?

Do you wish there was a magic button that you could push and homeschooling would magically be easier?

Sick of spending hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest, trying to piece together a halfway decent unit study for your homeschool?

Don’t want your child having free reign with searching the entire internet but you want to encourage them to learn more about the topics that interest them?

If you said “YES!!!” to any of those questions, you need to check out Elephango.

This post is sponsored by Elephango. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time.
Online homeschooling has never been so easy!

All About Elephango

Elephango is an online platform that takes your homeschool from boring to exciting, with just the click of a button.

With over 3,000 lessons for grades K-12, there’s literally something for everyone!

The platform is built by homeschooling experts, who know exactly how to increase your child’s confidence. With over 15 professional educators, your student will improve their reasoning and problem solving skills in no time!

How Online Homeschooling Works with Elephango

While online homeschooling can feel overwhelming at times, Elephango has simplified the entire process.

You can quickly and easily find hundreds of lessons on darn-near any topic that you wish!

Just head to the platform and type in your topic.

For instance, I’m planning a unit on Native Americans in the fall.

As soon as I typed the words into the search bar, hundreds of videos popped up. I love that there are so many different lessons regarding each topic:

Minority Groups in WWII
Native American Contributions to Food
Native American Tribes of the Northeast
Spanish Indian Missions of Arizona
Swimming Down the Mississippi River
The Three Sisters: An Ancient Ecosystem of Plants
War of 1812
Understanding Wounded Knee

And these are not even HALF of the lessons that popped up!!!

Online homeschooling has never been so easy!

Get It, Got It, Go!

Each lesson in Elephango is built in a way that ensures students are really understanding the information they’re learning.

Get It:

Each lesson is full of educational videos, readings, resources and activities. You may find clickable maps, engaging challenges or virtual tours

Got It:

Once you’ve learned all about a topic, you move on to the “Got It” section. Here, you’ll find quizzes and other interactive content to test your knowledge.


The last section of the lesson is called “Go!” Here, you will find ways to dive deeper into the lessons. There are several different ideas for each lesson so you can pick and choose what you want to do or compete them all! Some of the activities include writing poems, creating interactive notebooks, craft projects, downloadable worksheets and more!

Online homeschooling has never been so easy!

Why Parents Love Elephango

Not only is Elephango affordable and easy to use, but it also makes homeschooling enjoyable again!

Parents are able to take an active role in their child’s education, without spending hours and hours researching and planning. Instead, they can simply search the thousands of lessons and assign the lessons to their child.

The “Favorites” and “Study Lists” keep resources organized and easy to navigate. It gives parents and children the ability to explore topics, without racking their brains to come up with ideas.

Each account includes up to 4 student accounts, so the entire family can enjoy Elephango!

You can even download a Chrome extension that allows students of all ages to safely search both Elephango AND Google! It’s a great addition to an already amazing product.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify online homeschooling, you can’t miss Elephango!

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