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Is Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum Worth It?

Sonlight homeschool curriculum is easily one of the most thorough and effective curriculum on the market but some might argue that it’s too expensive. But the question is, is Sonlight homeschool curriculum worth it?

One of the biggest perks of being a homeschool blogger is that I get to check out some of the hottest curriculum on the market. I get to spend hours reading about it, using it and figuring out the pros and cons of each curriculum.

I grab a glass of sweet tea and curl up on the couch, poring over every single detail.

For hours (and sometimes days one end) I study the resources and topics covered in each set.

I consider the required time and effort it will take to complete it.

Studying the pictures, I run my fingers over the pages, feeling the quality of the books.

I consider the cost and ask my self “I this homeschool curriculum worth it?”

After nearly 8 years of doing this, I’ve found that some companies are worth every single pretty penny spent and others I wouldn’t use if you paid me to.

When people ask me "Is Sonlight homeschool curriculum worth it?" I just chuckle and say "Worth every darn penny."

Is Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum Worth It?

When folks ask me which curriculum I recommend to them, I ask them a few questions but generally the answer is “Sonlight.”

And generally their response is “But isn’t that so expensive?”

My answer is simple: “You get what you pay for.”

This post is sponsored by Sonlight. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time.

Why I Love Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

Open-and-Go Format:

Sonlight is unique in that it is ready-and-waiting for you every single day. The lessons are laid out in such an organized manner that it literally requires NO brainpower to teach it.

The boxes full of supplies ensure you aren’t chasing down tooth picks or red string at midnight the night before, in preparation for your lessons.

The hands-on activities, video lessons and gorgeous literature that’s included make it easy to teach. It’s all right there, ready and waiting for me.

Sonlight homeschool curriculum has simplified our homeschool!

Easy to Teach:

New homeschoolers often worry about how they’ll ever teach their kids but in reality, if you can read, you can teach.

Lessons are so easy to follow that even moms with no teaching experience can feel confident using it. All you have to do is follow the Teachers Guide, doing the next thing and reading the information to your child.

Sonlight has literally taken any guesswork out of teaching.

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum has all the bells and whistles! It's perfect for young homeschoolers!

Fun Lessons:

Hands-on learning is our favorite way to learn and Sonlight has saved me hours upon hours of scrolling through Pinterest, looking for the perfect hands-on activity.

From exciting experiments to gorgeous books, Sonlight has managed to bring learning to life through their curriculum.

Trust me when I say that your kids will love Sonlight just as much as you will!

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum has all the bells and whistles! It's perfect for young homeschoolers!

Who Sonlight Is Best For

Busy Moms:

So often, moms have plenty on their plates already. Practices, dinners, appointments, church, family obligations, taking care of themselves, vacation planning, laundry, taking care of family pets…the list could go on and on.

While they realize that homeschooling is the best option for their family, they don’t have time to sit down and come up with their own lesson plans. They aren’t sure where to start. They don’t have any time to sit down and write up their plans for the year. In fact, getting a kid-free day where they can sit down and focus on fcreating homeschool plans in completely out of the questions.

But Sonlight does ALL of that for you. You literally click the “buy” button, open the box when it’s delivered and get started teaching. There is no overthinking necessary.

Unorganized Moms:

Tired of flipping your house upside down looking for a book you bought 2 years ago? Are you always scrambled around, trying to remember what you had planned for the day’s lessons? Do you have stacks of papers that you have kept for homeschooling purposes?

Sonlight is neatly organized and perfectly laid out for you. Everything you need comes in out big box and you can leave it in there all year or move it to a dedicated shelf or drawer. Either way, it’s so simply organized that you can’t go wrong, no matter how scatter-brained you are.

Moms in “Survival Mode:”

I’ll be honest: there has rarely been a year that we’ve homeschooled and haven’t encountered some sort of large disruption to our homeschool.

We’ve homeschooled through the loss of my kids’ aunt, who they were very close to.

During a home remodel.

While taking over my dad’s farm while he fought cancer.

During huge life changes.

Through unknown and scary times.

In seasons where we were so busy it felt like we didn’t have time to even breathe.

Through celebrations and mourning, growth and loss.

No matter what, we’ve managed to keep trudging along, no matter how fast or slow we went.

And having a curriculum that guided me, ensured my kids were learning and was simple to use made it all possible.

Moms Who Don’t Want More Stress:

Feel like you’re up to your neck in to-do lists, health issues, practices, piles of laundry and whatever else life is throwing at you this week? One thing is for sure, you don’t need any more stress in your life

Sonlight allows you to step away from the chaos. You can enjoy part of your day with your child, no matter what else is going on in the outside world.

Some days, it’s the highlight of my day. I get to just sit down, tune out the outside world and snuggle up on the couch with my kids and a gorgeous book.

Homeschooling is meant to be beautiful, not stressful. Sonlight takes that wild and crazy idea and makes it a reality,

Sonlight homeschool curriculum has simplified our homeschool!

When people ask me “Is Sonlight homeschool curriculum worth it?”

I just chuckle and say “Worth every darn penny.”

When people ask me "Is Sonlight homeschool curriculum worth it?" 

I just chuckle and say "Worth every darn penny."

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I just chuckle and say "Worth every darn penny."

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