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Printable Board Game for Families

Sometimes family game night can just feel like way too much work. You’ve played all the games in your game closet and the kids are tired of long, boring games! This printable board game may be just what you need!

Raising kids isn’t easy. In fact, we often slip into a routine and don’t spend any quality time really getting to know our kiddos. The older they get, the more distant they seem to be. This printable board game makes getting to know your kiddos easier and fun!

This printable board game is SO much fun and it helps you get to know your kiddos better!

Printable Board Game For Families

Our printable board game gets the family conversations started with 5 fun categories:

If You Could:

This category is jam-packed with fun questions like “If you could live out one movie, what would it be?” Other fun questions include “If you could have 3 wishes, what would you wish for?”


You’re sure to find out something you didn’t already know when you start asking your kids what their favorite things are! A few of the questions ask “What is your favorite season?” and “What is your favorite movie character?”


Get to know your kids on a deeper level when you ask questions like “What makes you feel brave?” and “What are the four most interesting things about you?”


This is my favorite category! The cards are sure to get the whole family giggling!

Cards like “Show us your favorite dance move” and “Do penguins have knees?” are silly but also make you use your head to really think about the topic.

Would You Rather:

This category really makes kids think and I love that! Questions include “Would you rather be really rich or really happy?” and “Would you rather be a babysitter or a dog sitter?”

To play, you’ll need a few things:

  • Our printable board game for families
  • Dice
  • Game Pieces

No need to buy game pieces! You can use buttons, small candy, coins, buttons or any other small objects you have on hand!

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    This printable board game is SO much fun and it helps you get to know your kiddos better!