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Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

3 Reasons we love Sonlight homeschool curriculum

There are so many reasons that you might need to keep your homeschool simple:

Maybe you’re working outside of the home and don’t have time to stress about what you need to teach your kids.

Perhaps your family is going through a big change in life, whether it’s a divorce, move or death in the family.

Or you might have a sickness in the family that requires you to focus more of your attention on that.

No matter what the reason, as a responsible homeschooler, I think it’s very important to know when to pivot in your homeschool.

That may mean you have to put handicrafts on the back burner until you find the energy to start them up again.

Or you may have to quit karate lessons until life slows down a bit.

I loved piecing together our geography units but they took so much time. Eventually I had to throw my hands up and say “I’m done!” Even though it was something I looked forward to, it just didn’t make sense to spend hours each week planning our lessons. Leaving it to the professionals not only took some stress off of me but also gave me more time to focus my attention where needed.

That’s why I love Sonlight homeschool curriculum.

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I was compensated for my time and received the products for free. All opinions are my own.

3 Reasons We LOVE Sonlight Curriculum

Easy to Use:

Sonlight offers the most organized and well-thought-out curriculum on the market. The lesson plans are easy to follow and as simple as can be.

Even on days when my husband takes over the homeschooling duties, he can easily figure out what to do because it’s laid out, step-by-step.

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum has all the bells and whistles! It's perfect for young homeschoolers!

Fun for the Kids:

So often, homeschooling becomes a fight that simply drains my energy. Boring workbooks tend to be the culprit but Sonlight teaches the way that kids LIKE to learn. With hands-on activities, engaging books and fun prompts, kids don’t despise school time anymore.

I often find Bear curled up on the couch, flipping through the literature. Sonlight uses living books and kids just naturally migrate towards them!

I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw him reading a book that wasn’t required. It was basically a miracle for my busy boy! 😉

Sonlight Preschool Curriculum has all the bells and whistles! It's perfect for young homeschoolers!

No Stress:

When I tell you that the open-and-go format used in Sonlight is worth its weight in gold, I’m not joking! The easy-to-use curriculum takes ALL of the stress from teaching. I don’t need to plan lessons or run around trying to track down supplies. Instead, everything I need comes straight to my door!

I have quit worrying about whether or not my child is behind. They are learning and they’re actually ENJOYING it, which has been transformational in our homeschool days.

When I hear that a homeschool family is getting ready to go through big changes in their lives, I always tell them to prepare their homeschool.

While it can seem silly, it’s important that we don’t just STOP homeschooling completely when life gets crazy.

The easiest way to keep chugging along is to find a trusted curriculum that simplifies your day for you. All you have to do is keep doing the “next thing.”

For us, adding Sonlight to our day has made all the difference!

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Sonlight homeschool curriculum has simplified our homeschool!

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Sonlight homeschool curriculum has simplified our homeschool!

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