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Kindergarten American History Curriculum

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Knowing when to start teaching each subject is always a struggle for me. “Complete” curriculum sets never seen to include all I want, when I want it. For instance, I wanted an kindergarten American history curriculum but most  homeschool packages don’t offer that until 2nd or 3rd grade. But I felt like my kindergartener would love American history, if presented in the right way.

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We are OBSESSED with this Kindergarten American HIstory Curriculum from Sonlight! It's the complete package and includes our favorite books! LOVE IT!

My dream American history curriculum included a mixture of picture books and read alouds. But not just any ol’ books would do: I wanted engaging stories that would keep my kiddo’s attention. When I found Sonlight Exploring American History, I knew I’d found exactly what I wanted, and more!

Sonlight’s American History Curriculum for Kindergarten

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a kindergarten American history curriculum that taught MORE than just history? Exploring American History does just that! It covers 3 subjects, in Sonlight’s signature style.


Help your kiddos learn the stories of the Bible with musical songs and The One Year Bible for Children. They’ll enjoy  learning the fun songs and you’ll love that they’re gaining Biblical knowledge, while having a good time!


Students will learn about everyone from George Washington and Squanto to Dave the Potter and Temple Grandin. Each lesson is just a few pages, the perfect length to keep little one’s attention! Vibrant illustrations draw the kids in and help bring the stories to life.

The American history curriculum covers everything from the Constitution, Star Spangled Banner and the Statue of Liberty, as well as other important national symbols. 


I’d be lying if I said the literature wasn’t what sold me on Exploring American History. They’ve chosen over a dozen of the greatest historical books for kiddos to indulge in, while learning about some of the hardest times in US history. 

Why We Love Sonlight’s Exploring American History: History/Bible/Literature K

Open & Go:

I love a curriculum that doesn’t require a ton of preparation from me so the fact that I can basically open the book up and start reading our lesson for the day is a HUGE benefit for me. I don’t need to spend time each day making copies or tracking down impossible art supplies. As a busy, work-at-home, homeschooling mom, this is invaluable!

No Fluff:

If there’s anything I hate about homeschooling, it’s busy work! I don’t see a single reason my kiddos need to do worksheets, just for the sake of “staying busy.” I think busywork is the key reason so many kids don’t enjoy learning! Instead of filling the curriculum with pointless worksheets, Sonlight has created an American history curriculum that helps kids fall in love with books, learning and lessons from the past.

4 Day Schedule:

Do people still homeschool 5 days a week? I just don’t know how they manage! We squeeze all of our homeschooling into just 4 days and spend the 5th day running errands, going to horseback riding lessons and doing our grocery shopping. I love that Sonlight has provided a 4-day schedule, that requires absolutely NO planning on my part! All I have to do is complete the work and put my checkmarks in the boxes. 

Engaging Literature:

Did I already mention how much I love the literature included with Exploring American History? It’s an amazing thing when you can fall in love with the books, then fall in love with the entire curriculum. Not gonna lie: using this American history for kindergarten has made me fall in love with the entire company.

If you’re looking for a high quality American history curriculum for your kindergartener, you can’t miss Exploring American History: HBL K! It’s perfect for kiddos who are 5-6 years old and are excited to learn more about our history.

We are OBSESSED with this Kindergarten American HIstory Curriculum from Sonlight! It's the complete package and includes our favorite books! LOVE IT!Giveaway ends 6/30/2020


We are OBSESSED with this Kindergarten American HIstory Curriculum from Sonlight! It's the complete package and includes our favorite books! LOVE IT!

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