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Homeschool With Netflix (Yes, I’m Serious!)

Some days, we just need a break. We need a day off from the chaos and busy work of homeschooling. We might need a day to catch up on housework. It might just be that the kids are sick and need something to occupy them. Whether it’s morning sickness or pure busyness, sometimes we need help. Thankfully, the homeschooling gods are looking out for us.

Enter Netflix. The greatest teaching tool for lazy moms everywhere. (ONLY KIDDING!) After hours of research, we’ve dug up some of the best educational shows, series and movies available on Netflix. We now have the luxury of doing school, right from our couch, with the click of a remote!

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Each day around noon, my kids head to the living room while I prepare lunch.  They browse through our “School” profile on Netflix until they find something that they want to watch. Some days, I give them guidelines and some days, we watch something totally random but it has to come from our “School” profile.

I have found that a quick search for panda bears will give us an hour of science for the day. The following day, we may opt for a documentary on Chinese culture to cover our Geography. The next day may include a film on the Great Wall of China.  By the end of the week, I have snuck in an additional 5  hours of learning and the kids never even realize it!

By the time lunch is ready, the kids have pulled up the video of the day and are ready to relax and refuel their mind and bodies! It’s a win/win for everyone.

Some of the most popular content on Homeschool Hideout are our amazing lists of educational shows to stream on Netflix. We’ve rounded them all up and brought them to you today!

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