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BookShark Virtual Homeschool Curriculum

When you find something that works in your homeschool, you can finally sigh a breath of relief. That’s how I felt when we started using BookShark for Bear’s science. It was everything we wanted in a science curriculum. But then I heard BookShark was adding some new features with BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum and I got excited!

BookShark has quickly climbed to the top of my “favorite curriculum” list because of all the components it offers. From amazing literature to pre-planned hands-on activities, it was like the curriculum was designed with our family in mind!

I was interested to see exactly what new features BookShark could possibly offer that would improve an already darn-near perfect curriculum! But, alas, I was pleasantly surprised when I dug in and tried BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum.

I received BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum for free and was compensated for my time.
All opinions are my own and a positive review was not required.
BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum is more than expected!

BookShark Virtual Homeschool Curriculum

Same Great BookShark We’ve Grown to Love:

When I first heard of BookShark Virtual, I was afraid they were going to make the whole curriculum an online program. I didn’t see how they could offer the same great experience using ebooks. Lucky for me, they DIDN’T try that! The folks at BookShark are pretty smart and they know what’s working for them.

Flipping through real, high-quality literature is irreplaceable!

I was happy to learn that BookShark Virtual isn’t meant to REPLACE BookShark. Instead, it works alongside the original version.

BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum is more than expected!

Virtual Schedule:

I’m not going to lie: the online schedule is one of my favorite aspects of the new BookShark Virtual curriculum. I love being able to quickly access the schedule from my phone or tablet and see exactly what will be happening that week!

BookShark is famous for breaking down the curriculum into bite-size chunks of do-able homeschool lessons. Having the entire 36 weeks of lesson plans at my fingertips is even better!

BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum is more than expected!

Makes Teaching Even Easier:

BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum has made my job even easier! The new features make recordkeeping and grading a breeze! Students simply upload their completed work, making it easy to track exactly where they’re at.

While I was skeptical at first, I love that I can adjust my student’s grades as I wish. This has been a HUGE issue for me when using other online platforms. However, BookShark Virtual makes it easy to grade, record and keep track of which assignments have been completed.

In the Teacher Portal, I’m able to delete any questions that I don’t want my child to answer. This is an awesome feature that I use often, when I feel like my kids grasp the lesson well. Sometimes, I don’t need them to answer so many questions to prove what they’ve learned.

BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum is more than expected!

BookShark Virtual Covers It All:

BookShark Virtual is currently available for most of your core subjects:

  • English
  • History
  • Science
  • Math-U-See
BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum is more than expected!

Try Before You Buy:

As with any homeschool curriculum, I like to REALLY do my research before I hit the BUY button. After all, we’re on a pretty tight income and investing in expensive curriculum is something I don’t take lightly.

BookShark knows the importance of finding a curriculum that fits your family just right so they offer a great “try before you buy” option!

When you pair BookShark print curriculum with a Virtual seat, parents and students get cool online features like assessment, grading, and accountability—accessible via mobile or desktop!

The best way to understand BookShark Virtual is to try it yourself. The first three weeks of every Virtual course are available for free just like the Instructor’s Guide samples always have been.

Watch the demo videos to get your bearings, and then take it for a spin. Let your child take a peek, too!

BookShark Virtual homeschool curriculum is more than expected!


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