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Why We Love Teaching Textbooks

Why We Love Teaching Textbooks

You know how you’ve always dreamed of finding that curriculum that your kids actually enjoy? You’ve probably given up hope that it is actually out there, hiding in the darkest corners of the world, if it even exists at all.

I’m here to tell you, it DOES! And we’ve found it, used it and remained in love with it for the last 10 years!

Teaching Textbooks is THE program that changed our homeschool. When we started homeschooling, I was overwhelmed, stressed and ready to throw in the towel, after just a few months. But then I found Teaching Textbooks and our homeschool has never been the same.

Teaching Textbooks is an online platform that offers engaging and interactive math lessons for grades 3-12. With bite-size lessons and easy-to-understand lectures, the program is as effective as it is fun.

Wondering why we love Teaching Textbooks? We've got a WHOLE list for ya!

Why My Kids Love Teaching Textbooks

If you’ve been around here for awhile, you know exactly why I love Teaching Textbooks, but I thought it would be fun to see what the REST of the family enjoys about the program.

Natali: “It’s fast.”

Natali hasn’t used Teaching Textbooks for a couple of years, since she graduated, but I went ahead and asked her what she liked when she was using the program. She said it’s the fastest math program she’s ever used and college math should use the same format instead of requiring her to “get dressed and go into class.”

(Isn’t that the most homeschooler answer ever!?! I’m glad she appreciates all those years we spent at home.)

Teaching math to your homeschooler has never been easier! Teaching Textbook does ALL THE WORK for you! #teachingtextbooks #math #homeschoolers #homeschooling #onlinecurriculum

Emersyn: “It tells me what I did wrong.”

The instant grading and explanation of each answer is unlike anything I’ve ever found in a homeschool curriculum before. Kids know right away how to correctly solve the problem.
That means, if they don’t understand a concept, they won’t miss 10 problems before they realize they are doing them wrong. Instead, they get quick and easy-to-understand solutions, as soon as they answer a problem.

Love this list of things you didn't know about Teaching Textbooks! Now we can REALLY get the most out of our subscription.

Barrett: “I can do math on my phone.”

Barrett doesn’t have his own cell phone yet but he is allowed to play on an old phone that doesn’t have any service. He can play apps or games that we download for him.

Of course, being the genius parents we are, we downloaded Teaching Textbooks to his phone. So, just the fact that he’s “on his phone” makes math that much more fun to him!

Wondering why we love Teaching Textbooks? We've got a WHOLE list for ya!

Why I Love Teaching Textbooks

All the help you need:

Teaching Textbooks offers plenty of safety nets to ensure your child doesn’t get left behind. If they are struggling with a concept, there are many ways they can get help, without hiring a personal tutor. (In fact, Teaching Textbooks IS the personal tutor!)

Hints ➜ Second Chance ➜ Step-by-Step Solution ➜ Tutor Hotline

If your child struggles to understand, even after the built in “helps,” they can always call the Tutor Hotline, which provides real-life help for kids who need it most.

The ultimate homeschool “keeper:”

We’ve flip-flopped through a lot of curriculum over the years but Teaching Textbooks is the one constant in our home. At least one of my kiddos has used it every single year for the last 10 years!

And it just keeps getting better and better with each update.

Works on ALL devices:

Teaching Textbooks works on tablets, phones, Chromebooks, PCs or any other device!

Back when Teaching Textbooks was only available on CD’s, I never realized how much we would use a “travel version” of the curriculum. But having access to Teaching Textbooks on all devices has been a game-changer.

Busy days are no excuse! Kids can get their math homework done, even when we are busy, busy, busy! Between a good library book and a device loaded with the Teaching Textbooks app, we can get the 2 most important homeschool tasks done, every single day!

Teaching Textbooks 4.0 is more than I ever expected! Holy cow! It teaches, grades AND records our homeschool math, all while making the kids ENJOY math!

Why My Husband Loves Teaching Textbooks

The Greetings:

I used to meet my husband at the door after a long day’s work feeling defeated. As soon as he walked in, I would tell him about my day: the fights, the tears, the struggles, the uncooperativeness.

Every day, he would come home to hear about how HARD our day was because we were a mess.

But after we found a curriculum that works for us and takes so much off of MY plate, the greetings are different.

I’m no longer as stressed and the grumpy greetings are gone. I don’t feel the need to connect to someone so I don’t feel like a raging homeschool mom, who has been beat up all day long.

Instead, I greet him with a smile and a glass of sweet tea.

Date Nights:

I know you probably think I’m being dramatic, but homeschooling can REALLY effect your marriage.

Our date nights often consist of talking about how we can improve, what our kids need and how we can fix any issues.

But, seriously, by using Teaching Textbooks, we’ve taken a HUGE chunk of that worry away from the entire family. Our kids are getting a good education and we are getting a break from teaching them!

Our latest date night was a kayaking trip down the river and we didn’t speak about math one single time!


Dads may not have a direct hand in homeschooling, but they do work hard to provide the lifestyle that so many homeschool families love.

Purchasing affordable and high-quality curriculum saves the entire family money and I don’t know a single dad alive who doesn’t love that!

Love this list of things you didn't know about Teaching Textbooks! Now we can REALLY get the most out of our subscription.

If you’re looking for a way to make math more enjoyable in your homeschool, you can’t miss Teaching Textbooks!

Wondering why we love Teaching Textbooks? We've got a WHOLE list for ya!