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Transform Your Garage into a School Room

Looking for tips to help you easily transform your garage into a school room?

Some parents homeschool their children to avoid the woes of pressure that traditional schools put on the students. Others say that it increases their opportunity to participate in children’s learning process and gives both them and the kids a greater sense of control over what they’re studying. While each parent has their own reasons for choosing to homeschool their children, the numbers speak for themselves: today, approximately 3 percent of American students are homeschooled.

If you are concerned that the education system has become an inefficient one-size-fits-all solution, you might want to homeschool your children. It might be the beginning of an incredible journey for everyone involved! However, while some parents are OK with allowing the kids to study wherever they want, others prefer to have a dedicated homeschool room. And what other space in your house is better suited for this purpose than the garage? It’s like a blank canvas, waiting for you to decorate and furnish it.

We’ve got a few tips to help you transform your garage into a school room!

Love these tips for transforming the garage into a school room! We're SO doing this!

Change Your Garage into a School Room

Increase the Comfort Level

There are a few things you can do to improve the comfort of your garage, no matter what season of the year it is. Depending on what features your garage lacks, studying there in hot or cold weather might prove quite problematic. That’s why you should ensure your walls and ceiling are properly insulated.

You should also check if your garage doors are working correctly. As stated by experts from a1garage.com, many issues can go unnoticed, and it’s recommended to have a professional take a look.

If you live in a hot and humid climate, consider installing a vapor barrier. On top of that, a portable air conditioner or a heating system designed with garages in mind could be a true game-changer. It might also be worth it to get rid of the fluorescent lights that often cause bodily stress, hyperactivity, and anxiety among students. Instead, consider replacing them with warm, ambient lighting.

Make Enough Space and Ensure Safety

First and foremost, your children need space to study. And it’s not just a little bit of room to have somewhere to sit down that we’re talking about. Depending on the curriculum, your kids are likely to need somewhere where they can sit at the desk and write in their notebooks, then a space dedicated to arts and crafts, maybe a comfy couch to sit on, and lots of room to move around. You certainly would not want to make them squeeze between tight spaces just to move from one side of the classroom to the other.

That being said, it’s no secret that many garages are cluttered because they serve as storage space for the entire family. As a result, your garage space might be filled with stuff like gardening equipment and old furniture. Still, while you cannot remove everything from your garage, you can make the space more organized.

Remember that it’s OK to turn your garage into a home school and still park your car there. Yes, it would be best if you were able to park the car somewhere else, but if that isn’t possible, don’t worry — just make sure that you can clear and free enough space so the kids are comfortable and nothing’s crammed in.

If you can’t move out the boxes you’re storing in the garage, consider putting them closer to the ceiling by using overhead racking that can serve as the shelving unit that you can reach from the ladder. Organize the garage and take time to clean the floors as well as the walls. Make sure to hide or move somewhere else items such as power cords, tools, or sharp objects, so the kids won’t start playing with them when you turn your back for a second. Safety first!

Pick the Right Furniture

When transforming your garage into a school room, you should aim to make the space as cozy and inviting as possible. It would be best to choose comfortable ergonomic chairs and desks perfectly adjusted to your children’s height.

Once you’ve got these covered, think about dedicating a separate space to the arts and crafts so that you can separate paints and crayons from the textbooks. You can also choose to arrange one corner of the garage to serve as space to move away from the desk for a while. Lay down a rug, add a few beanbags and pillows, and let your kids enjoy spending time in their classroom!

Then, you will need lots of storage space, especially if your goal is to separate the school from the rest of the house. A garage storage cabinet system might be perfect for this purpose, but you can also feel free to put together shelving units or use bookcases to hold the craft supplies, textbooks, and notebooks. The most important thing is that your children have a place to store and access everything they need.

Decorate To Make the Garage Feel More Like a Classroom

Comfy furniture and a rug on the floor are not enough to make the garage feel like a proper classroom. That’s why you should unleash your creative side (and your children’s imagination) and decorate the space together so you create an environment that encourages studying. 

Whether you choose a dry-erase whiteboard or a traditional black chalkboard, you can decorate it with fun magnets and stock up on colorful chalk or markers. Let your children pick their desks and allow them to add some fun things such as desk pets to make school more fun. If you want to, you can also hang a clock on the wall, eliminating the need to bring the phones in — with a traditional clock, you will always have a convenient way to check the time.

Use the artwork created by your children to decorate the walls, shelves, and cabinets. If you think that the furniture you choose is too plain and not fun enough, don’t hesitate to buy a can of paint and add some unique character to it. Involve your kids in the whole decorating process and let them decide what they want their home school to look like.

Final Word

Today, homeschooling is getting more and more popular, especially among parents who want to participate in their children’s education. If you share this belief or think that your local public education system is lacking in some crucial areas, you might want to join the ranks of homeschooling parents.

If you’d also like to have your children homeschooled but don’t know how to make the space for a proper school environment, don’t worry. Follow the tips included in this article and use them as a guide that will help you turn your garage into a comfortable and cozy classroom. Clean it out, make the space, pick the right furniture, and decorate! Your kids will be happy to spend their time there. And don’t forget to have fun!

Love these tips for transforming the garage into a school room! We're SO doing this!