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2023 Cyber Monday Deals for Homeschoolers

The Best 2023 Cyber Monday Deals for Homeschoolers

Cyber Monday is a great time to stock up on things that add value to your life. From kitchen gadgets to clothing, it seems like everything is on sale. But how can you find the best deals for your homeschool?

Don’t worry! We’ve done all the dirty work for you!

Check out our favorite 2023 Cyber Monday deals for homeschoolers!

​CodeWizardsHQ AI Holiday Classes​

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence with this exciting new intro class from CodeWizardsHQ, the leader in coding education. Kids and teens create a complete AI project in one 90-minute class. Students learn how artificial intelligence works, explore data classification, train their models to make precise predictions, and discover the magic of machine learning.

  • Elementary school students will be introduced to AI. Students will use their webcams to teach an AI model to recognize data and make decisions.
  • Middle school students will make a Super Forest Rangers game! Students learn how to build, train, and incorporate an AI model into their game and become familiar with basic programming.
  • High school students will create Rock Paper Scissors Showdown! Students build and train an AI model to recognize hand gestures and incorporate it into a game they code with JavaScript.

These live, small-group classes are a perfect winter break downtime activity and make great stocking stuffers. Enrollment starts on 11/27, with classes between 12/18 and 29. Enroll with code HSHO23 and save. This $49 class is only $19! Visit ​codewizardshq.com/ai-classes-for-kids/​.

Mr. D Math and More:

We are a global team of educators that provide unique and forward thinking education programs that train, develop and empower self-directed learners. We focus on multiple learning styles allowing students to discover their own strengths in how they learn.

Our unique approach awakens students to discover their own unique expression of how they view education. They communicate what they’ve discovered and apply their knowledge to “the world outside of a classroom.”

Our team is built from former students and families who have demonstrated self-directed learning in their own lives. We contribute to our current students, by supporting them to discover for themselves what is possible as self-directed learners.

We are creating a synergistic community of like-minded people who lead by example.

We work in partnership with parents, homeschool organizations and homeschool influencers who encourage independent studies.

We have both Self-Paced and Live guided online classes.

Find out why people are starting to call us “Mr. D Math & More.”



Get up to 50% off our favorite gift picks that mix fun with an educational spin and will engage your children long after Christmas morning has ended. DEALS END NOV 27!

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We love finding new products that make our life easier and we hope you’ve done just that with our roundup of 2023 Cyber Monday deals for homeschoolers!

Happy shopping!

The BEST 2023 Cyber Monday deals for homeschoolers!