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Apologia Bible Curriculum: The Word in Motion

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The Word In Motion is an engaging Apologia Bible curriculum!

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a homeschool curriculum that makes me giddy! I’ve been homeschooling for long enough to know exactly what I want and what I expect when I buy something new. Often times, I’m let down and disappointed with the quality of curriculum.

But there are a few trusted companies that I know I can count on to deliver MORE than I expect. A few of those include CTCMath, Reading Eggs and Apologia.

You see, I expect an engaging and exciting approach to learning. There’s nothing we despise more than boring textbooks. I don’t care how we learn, as long as we’re enjoying it! And we definitely enjoy The Word in Motion!

This post is sponsored by Apologia. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time.
All opinions are my own and a positive review was not required.
Apologia Bible curriculum is a game changer! Ready-to-use, engaging and affordable! What more can you ask for?

Why We’re Loving our Apologia Bible curriculum:


It’s rare that I find a curriculum that is so engaging that I’m looking forward to what comes next! But with The Word In Motion, I’m constantly wondering what motions they’ll use next to help us remember important people, places and events from the Bible.

The Word In Motion was developed in cooperation with Walk Thru the Bible and it uses the same exciting methods to help teach the Bible in a way that really sticks with kids.

With memorable characters, vibrant videos, engaging narratives and compelling discussion questions, kids get a firm grasp on Bible topics. Students learn by seeing, hearing, moving, talking and repeating the subjects at hand.

The interactive and engaging lessons bring the Bible to life!

Apologia Bible curriculum is a game changer! Ready-to-use, engaging and affordable! What more can you ask for?


Like all of Apologia’s curriculum, The Word in Motion is a high-quality curriculum without the fancy-schmancy price tag you’d expect! Parents love the open-and-go format that Apologia offers! Not to mention, there’s no teacher’s manual or preparation needed for the lessons. The hard work is done for you and you would NEVER know it by looking at the price tag!

Apologia Bible curriculum is a game changer! Ready-to-use, engaging and affordable! What more can you ask for?


As I already said, Apologia is one of the few homeschool curriculum companies that I’ve grown to fully trust over the years. They offer easy-to-use high-quality curriculum that both me and my kids love!

When teaching such an important topic, I love the reassurance that I can fully trust the company. Their views align with my own and they’ve done their homework to ensure all of their curriculum is fact-based. Apologia takes the intimidation out of teaching the scripture.

When your kiddos are learning to know, love and live in God’s word, it’s important to make sure the company is legit and knows their facts.

The Word in Motion is the most trusted curriculum to teach kids in grades K-8 a real understanding of the Bible. They’ll form a strong grasp of how the Bible fits together to form the story of God’s unending love.


Volume One covers the people, places, events and all 39 books of the Old Testament.

Volume Two covers the people, places, events and all 27 books of the New Testament.