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Buying a House While Homeschooling

Buying a new house is no easy task and not something you should take lightly. When you’re making a huge purchase, it needs to be well-thought out and detailed. When you’re a homeschooling family, it’s important to find a home that provides all the things you need. If you’re buying a house while homeschooling, it’s important to know exactly what you do and do not really need!

These tips can help make buying a house while homeschooling much easier!

This list of things to consider when buying a house while homeschooling has some really good points. I like #4 best! 

Tips for Buying a House while Homeschooling

Space is Great:

The number one thing that homeschool families complain about is the lack of space available to them. When you spend all of your days at home, it’s important to make sure everyone has enough area to themselves. That may mean bedrooms for each kid, an office or their own bathroom.

Think about each of your family members’ needs and shop around until you find exactly what you need.

Storage is a Must:

Books, loose papers, art supplies, microscopes, computers, thousands of crayons. The list of supplies a homeschooler needs goes on and on. Make sure you consider your storage needs when shopping for a new house.

While your elementary school child may need more storage for their supplies, consider what future years of homeschooling will require.

Think Long Term:

The truth is, you won’t be homeschooling forever. If you’re looking to build or buy your “forever” home, consider the things that you want to serve you after you’re done homeschooling.

While our house has plenty of space, I wouldn’t want it any bigger because I know that someday all of my bedrooms will be empty and my kids will be long-gone.

Do You Really Need That?

Most new homeschoolers think they need a homeschool room but do they really? When we first began homeschooling, we went a little crazy converting our office into a homeschool room. The problem was, we never used it! After letting the room sit unused for a few years, we decided to convert it back to a home office. 

It’s important to think about the things you really need. If you ask the majority of homeschoolers, they prefer to do their work on the couch or at the kitchen table, so a homeschool room is, more often than not, totally unnecessary.

The beauty of buying a house while homeschooling is that you know exactly what to look for and can mark off homes that don’t meet your needs.

This list of things to consider when buying a house while homeschooling has some really good points. I like #4 best!

Do With What You Have:

You don’t have to move just to find a good home to teach your kiddos in. Think really hard about ways you can make due with the home you have.  Figure out unconventional places to store books and papers. (We turned our coat closet into a library! Now all of our books are right in our living room but hidden behind the closet door!)

It’s also a good idea to get an outside opinion. I often ask my family and friends how they would solve a problem. Chances are, they look at your house differently than you do, so they may see a different solution. 

Best of all, if you decide to stay where you are, you can save money! Put that extra cash towards your house payment and get your mortgage paid off extra early. All it takes it a little extra money each month to help you get your loan paid off quickly.  (This is a great option if you want to retire early or just have one less payment each month!)

Think Outside the Box:

There’s no reason you have to do school at the kitchen table. Consider turning your sunroom into your homeschool space. Maybe converting your basement to a home gym will allow your kiddos to burn more energy.

Think of unconventional ways to use your space so that it’s serving you the best ways possible.

Consider Outdoor Learning:

When buying a new home, it’s important to consider the spaces outside the walls of your home. Do you wish to have a big yard, a stream for the kids to splash in or woods to explore?

The outdoor spaces that come with a new house are just as important as the things inside the home. Know what you want before you ever begin house-shopping so it’s easy to identify what you want. It also allows you to shop online, viewing only the options that you can afford and meet your requirements.

There are several things to consider when buying a house while homeschooling but these tips should give you plenty of things to think about while you start your home-shopping!