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Online Economics for Homeschoolers

Teaching your kids all about economics can seem like quite a scary task! But it doesn’t have to be. Finding an online economics class for your homeschoolers can make a world of difference!

In 2019, over 20% of all homeschooled children in America were high schoolers.

Many parents think homeschooling high school is the hardest. But I tend to think it’s the most fun.

After all, by the time high school rolls around, your child is likely figuring out what they want to do with their lives and exploring those possibilities is an adventure.

Many homeschoolers grow up to become entrepreneurs.

I think this can be related to their ability to think outside the box, as well as study the things that interest them. Knowing this, it’s important to teach them as much as possible about economics.

Learning about taxes, entrepreneurship, inflation and supply and demand can open up an entire world to your child.

We love this online economics for homeschoolers.

You can leave it to the professionals, knowing your child will learn in the best way possible, while you tackle the tasks that you’re more comfortable with.

We are so excited to find Boundary Stone’s online Basic Economics course!

It’s a one-semester online course that is open-and-go. The text is written from a Christian perspective and aligns perfectly with our beliefs. Students have access to the course for 12 months so they can work at their own pace.

The course is made up of online assignments, short videos, chapter quizzes, review exercises and textbook lessons.

We love this online economics for homeschoolers.

Why We Love Boundary Stone’s Online Economics for Homeschoolers


One of my biggest pet-peeves with online curriculum is that it can be difficult to find where you left off. Students leave tabs open so they can pick up where they need to, but if that tab gets closed, they’re fresh out of luck.

It didn’t take me long to realize the value of having an easy-to-use online platform.

Basic Economics offers a format that is simple to use:

  • 6 neatly organized modules make it easy to navigate
  • The daily checklist shows students exactly what needs done in each module
  • “Next Lesson” keeps students on track and leads them seamlessly into the next lesson
  • The “Complete” checkmark allows them to see what they’ve already completed
  • The “Resume Course” button allows them to log in from different devices (iPad, laptop, even their phones!) and pick up right where they left off.
We love this online economics for homeschoolers.

Perfect for All Types of Learners

Basic Economics is what homeschool dreams are made of! The curriculum is composed of textbook lessons, videos, online study guides and hands-on projects. This approach ensure that students don’t get bored and also helps keep them motivated and focused.

No matter which way students learn best, Basic Economics has them covered!


I was worried that Basic Economics would be a snooze-fest but after just one lesson, I had changed my mind!

The videos are short but pack a lot of punch. After nearly every video we watched, we wanted to discuss it. I certainly wasn’t expecting the amount of conversation that it sparked.

After watching a video on supply and demand, we had a long talk about sales vs. profits.

Did you know that on average, grocery stores only keep about 2¢ for each dollar they collect from customers? Restaurants only profit about 3¢ of each dollar!

Where does that money go?

  • licenses
  • wages
  • electricity
  • products
  • taxes
  • employee healthcare
  • toilet paper for the bathrooms
  • pretty much anywhere… but the owners’ pockets!
We love this online economics for homeschoolers.

Hands-On Projects:

Basic Economics can take about 12 hours each week, if your student does all of the activities and learning opportunities.

You don’t have to do everything that’s included! In fact, you probably WON’T do everything because there’s just so much.

If you still want to be involved in the learning with your child, I suggest watching the short videos together and then talking about the “Big Questions.”

Your child will quickly figure out which activities suit them best. I like to think of this as a head start to “college studying.” It’s a skill that they will learn and use throughout the rest of their life!

The textbook, study guides and videos make up a good portion of that time. But Basic Economics also comes with an optional budgeting project.

If your child is going to do the budgeting project, it will bring a whole new learning experience to their education. Through this hands-on project, they will learn some of the most important skills they will ever need.

Basic Economics breaks down budgeting and brings it to life, teaching kids to budget all areas of their lives:

  • taxes
  • charitable giving/gifts
  • savings/investments
  • housing
  • transportation
  • insurance
  • loans/college
  • personal care/pets
  • food/groceries
  • entertainment
We love this online economics for homeschoolers.


I’ve basically come to the conclusion that I only adore curriculum that is self-paced. Live online classes sound great but the reality is, we don’t make it to about half of the classes. Weekly assignments are fine but when Emersyn gets interested in something, she dives deep and wants to soak it all in, as quickly as possible. Dragging her learning out for the sake of having a “weekly assignment” is not beneficial to her learning style.

But self-paced classes allow students to work as quickly or slowly as they desire. My teens often get a huge chunk of their schoolwork done while we’re on road trips. They love to read their textbooks in the car and it puts them that much more ahead in their schoolwork.

Perfect for Busy Moms

One thing I learned early on in our homeschooling journey is that there is no shame in outsourcing your homeschool classes. In fact, finding a company that teaches online economics for homeschoolers has been a huge benefit.

Not only does Basic Economics cover material that I would’ve never thought of, they also do it in a thorough and engaging way.

If you’re looking for a easy and effective online economics for homeschoolers, you can’t miss Boundary Stone’s Basic Economics course!

We love this online economics for homeschoolers.
We love this online economics for homeschoolers.