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Tips for Helping Kids Deal With a Move

10 Tips for Helping Kids Deal with a Move

While moving can be a positive experience for the entire family but it always has some negative impacts on kids when involved in the process. It impacts the kids over the age of 5 as they find it very tough to leave their familiarity, friends, and much more. This is the time when they need their parent’s support. Leave the job of moving on the cheap cross country movers and focus on what is more important to you. Look for tips on how to minimize relocation effects on them. 

10 Tips for Helping Kids Deal With a Move

Involve your kid in the decision of moving 

When you are deciding to relocate, be sure you involve your child. This will give a sense of stability to your kid. Also, they will find themselves safer and stable as they know what you are doing and why you are making the decision to relocate. 

Explain them as per their age 

How you explain to them the relocation process depends on the age and how your kid understands verbally. Talk to them and explain everything so that they will feel comfortable regarding this big change. 

Give them some time 

Moving may unleash big feelings especially when your child has to leave their school and neighborhood friends. You need to be patient as they are working through their emotions while accepting this big change in life. Pay attention to them and try to cope with them during the stressful transition. 

Prepare them 

Start preparing them three months in advance. As parents, you need to discuss this topic with the kids. Be sure you are honest and have simple conversations that allow them to express what they are feeling regarding this relocation process. Whether they are feeling positive or negative, accept it and talk according to their feelings. 

Give some control to your child 

Let your child participate in several moving-related tasks. You should let them decide what they want to take along with them. Let them decide the colors of paint for your new home. If your kid is older then give them a budget and let them decide on decorating their room. Also, let them choose their toys and special things they want to take along with you. 

Keep their child’s routine the same 

It is important to adjust the schedule of your child and try not to change it. Their same routine will help your child adjust with ease. 

Do site visits 

If it is possible then you should take your kid to the new place for a visit so that they will get to know a lot about the new place. You should plan to spend the day doing a walk-through of the house. If you are moving far away then plan to spend 2 to 3 days there with your kids and stay in a hotel there. 

Show them visuals of a new place 

If you are not able to take your child to the new place then show them images of the destination where you are relocating. Try to collect as much as information possible about the new place and show them visuals of the new place. Luckily the internet has made everything much easier therefore take the help of technology and try to make your child feel comfortable as possible. 

Unpack their rooms at first 

To make them feel comfortable in the new place, it is important to unpack their rooms at first so that they will have a sense of familiarity with the new place. This will make them feel safe and secure. 

Let them say goodbye to their friends as per their preference 

If they want to host a goodbye party for their friends let them do it. they will get busier in preparation for hosting a party. This will lessen the anxiety of this crucial time and the transition will become smoother for them. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

It is heartbreaking for kids to leave their homes, school, and friends. If you make some efforts then the phase can become exciting and less stressful for them. Use all the above-written tips to help your kids get adjusted to the transition so you can move forward.