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How to Homeschool on One Income

Tips to Homeschool On One Income

Living on one income isn’t for the faint of heart.

Throw homeschooling in the mix and you’ve done lost yo’ darn mind!

In fact, living off of one income is likely one of the most stressful things about homeschooling. It’s even harder if you are used to having two incomes and suddenly you’re down to one. Unfortunately, life sometimes throws you a left-fielder that makes you pull the kids from public school, quit your job and figure out how to live off of one income.

Did you know there are families who homeschool while both parents are working full-time? Or how about the incredible single mammas who homeschool and work! If they can manage, we can, too!

Homeschooling is hard on the mind, body, soul and bank account.

Yet it CAN be done. .

Follow these quick and not-so-easy tips to homeschool on one income!

You CAN homeschool on one income! This reassured me and showed me exactly what I need to be doing to remove some stress from our life!

Budget It, Baby!: Sticking to a budget sucks but it’s one of those things you need to do if you want to live on only one income. Sit down with your spouse and hash out the details of your budget. If you don’t have a set budget yet, check out this helpful post by the amazing Dave Ramsey.

Once you have a budget in place, the hard part is over. Ha! Just kidding! You’re just getting started! Now you have to actually STICK to the budget, which is harder than one would think. It may take a few months to get it down, but eventually it’ll become second nature.

You’ll learn to drive right past Target when your budget says there’s no more money to spend there.

Stay Home: Being at home is one of the best ways to save money (as long as you aren’t delving into the online shopping world!) No more quick stops to grab a burger or a drink. No more wasted gas. No more impulse buys. Staying home will save you more money than you think! Try staying home for an entire week straight and then compare your bank account to the week before. I’ll bettchya it’s grown!

You can still have lots of fun at home! Get outside and enjoy the sun. Build a fort. Whip up a silly creation in the kitchen. Get messy with an art project. Being home doesn’t have to be boring!

Looking for ideas to homeschool on one income? This is the ultimate guide!Become Self Sufficient: I recently calculated the cost of making pancakes using Bisquick compared to a homemade version using flour. Not only is it healthier to make pancakes from scratch, it’s just as quick and easy.
Other things you can do include growing a garden, making your own jelly, baking bread from scratch, hang your clothes on the line to dry and making your own baby food. Cut the kids’ hair yourself, have a homemade spa day to replace expensive pedicures and whip up a simple sugar scrub for your face. Being home for an extra 40 hours a week gives you plenty of time to make your own cleaners, laundry detergent and shampoos. Not only will these leave you with more money in your pocket but they’ll also teach your kiddos some valuable skills. Just mark baking days down in your records under “Home Ec.”

Cut Costs: Do you need cable, Netflix and Amazon Prime? Probably not. Figure out where you can cut costs and start eliminating. Don’t stop there, though. Do you need 12 pair of tennis shoes? Do you need paper towels or could they be replaced with cloth towels? Do you need a home phone line and a cell phone? Do your kids all need cell phones? Do you need to drive to town three times a week? By eliminating costs, you will gain some wiggle room in your budget, making it easier to breathe each month.

Looking for ideas to homeschool on one income? This is the ultimate guide!Take Advantage of Free Events and Opportunities:  There are constantly opportunities to squeeze some learning and fun into your budget for REALLY cheap or sometimes even free!  Miss Bookworm is currently taking a completely free 8 week computer programming course in our town. A course of this standard could easily cost $100-$200! By keeping an eye out for upcoming events, you can fill your schedule. We take advantage of free events like fairs,  hot air balloon festivals, and art shows. There is always something happening for free! Join Facebook groups in your area and enlist a friend or family member to inform you of any free entertainment in your area. The less you spend on entertainment, the more you’ll be able to tuck away into savings for rainy days.

Minimize Your Stress: The less you have, the less upkeep you have. Less cutter  equals less cleaning. Less possessions less things to store, repair and worry about. Try minimizing everything from your finances to your closet. Your homeschool supplies to your Tupperware lids. Your extra curricular activities to your commitments. Trust me, it’ll save your money and your sanity.

Less is more. Less is more. Less is more.

No really, you don’t understand until you’ve experienced less. It’s so much more.

Take Care of Your Supplies:  Many people worry about the cost of homeschooling on one income when they have multiple children. Purchasing curriculum for one kid is hard enough but add in five or six kids and you’ve got yourself quite a tab! One simple way to reduce the cost of supplies is to take care of the ones you’ve got! Instead of writing directly in workbooks, use notebooks to record your answers. This will ensure the next child can get just as much use out of it! Notebooks can often be found for less than a dollar each!

Looking for ideas to homeschool on one income? This is the ultimate guide!Rethink Fun: Growing up, you could find me at the mall or movie theater. I’d attend concerts and go out to eat nearly every night. As an adult, I’ve quickly halted those habits and found new ways to enjoy myself. Instead of expensive date nights, we prefer to stay home and enjoy a simple dinner and Netflix. Our family loves camping but not during peek weekends, when costs skyrocket. We love going to the movies but opt for the drive-in where you can watch 2 movies for half the price of the normal theater. Instead of expensive waterparks every weekend, try busting out a sprinkler, water hose and slip and slide. Chances are, the kids will have just as much fun for a sliver of the cost!

Do the Side Hustle: As a one income family, it’s important to rake in money whenever possible. I’ve done everything from filling in when a babysitter cancels to selling my kids’ clothes at consignment events. We pull in an extra $250-$300 every summer with a yard sale.  If you love to write, check into blogging. (Yes, you can make money blogging. Quite a bit, really. I know of several stay at home moms who earn a full-time income from their blogs!) Join local Facebook Buy Sell and Trade groups and start selling your clutter! Use your free time to research ways to make money from home.

Graphic designers, seamstresses, cake decorators, photographers and organizing gurus all have the potential to make extra money. Make list of things you’re good at and figure out a way to market them. If you come up blank, you can always babysit or sell things on Ebay! Don’t forget to check into third-party sales companies. I signed up with Usborne Books and More and made my money back at my first party, that same week! {Love books? I’d love to help you earn a few extra hundred dollars a month! Shoot me an email at [email protected] or use the CONTACT ME tab above!}

By following a budget, routine and a few simple tricks, you can homeschool on one income without adding any unnecessary stress. Take the time to figure out  the best plan for your family then stick with it!

You CAN homeschool on one income! This reassured me and showed me exactly what I need to be doing to remove some stress from our life!


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