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How to Teach Health & Nutrition to Kids

There are certain topics that most homeschoolers struggle to teach in their homeschool. Common problems are foreign languages, PE, health and nutrition. While it’s easy to follow a curriculum that will guide you through math and language arts, other subjects just aren’t that easy.

Until now!

Healthy Kids of America has created an easy-to-use program that helps kickstart good habits and healthy choices called Superhero Nutrition.

This post is sponsored by Healthy Kids of America. All opinions are my own and I was compensated for my time.
Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

Superhero Nutrition is an online course designed for kids 5-12. It not only teaches basic nutrition information, but also encourages healthy habits. The superhero theme helps kids understand exactly which foods are superheroes and which ones are villains.

One of my favorite things about this course is that it can be done in one day, yet kids walk away with a much clearer understanding of their health. In my opinion, young kids don’t need an entire year-long curriculum dedicated to learning about their health.

Kids need to know the basics and then build strong habits using that knowledge. Because when it comes to health and nutrition, habits are much more important that knowing how to track calories.

Given the right tools, even young kids can understand the “why” behind nutrition. Superhero Nutrition offers easy-to-digest video lessons that are easy and fun to complete. Paired with the easy-to-accomplish workouts and yummy recipes, it makes it easy to teach health and nutrition to become second-nature to kids. They WANT to eat better because they know it’ll make them feel better.

Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

Why I love Superhero Nutrition

Text Updates:

I love that Superhero Nutrition offers encouraging text messages to participants. It not only keeps us motivated, but also encourages the kids to do their best. Hearing from “Uncle Greg” is exciting and fun!

5 Minute Workouts:

Here’s the deal: as a busy homeschool mom to 3 kids, I don’t have time to scroll through the hundreds of thousands of workouts offered on YouTube. I want simple workouts that the whole family can complete that don’t take all day long. We need to be able to squeeze our workouts in between art projects and outside chores, so long and tedious moves are out of the question.

Superhero Nutrition offers quick and easy workouts that the whole family can use! With just 7 simple exercises, in about 5 minutes both you AND your kids will get a great workout.

Each interval consists of 30 seconds of workouts and 10 seconds of rest to catch your breath. There are 4 different workouts to choose from:

  • The Avengers Workout
  • The Justice League Workout
  • Spiderman Agility Workout
  • The Jedi Workout
Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

As you can imagine, each workout comes complete with fun graphics and exciting names. The kids love watching these short videos, that are packed full of exciting movie scenes, while we work up a sweat.

After we’ve completed one round, the parent and child switch exercises and repeat the workout again! For instance, if Barrett completes the front kicks and I complete the squat punch during the first round, we start over and I do front kicks while he does the squat punches! It ensures we get a total body workout! (And boy, do we!)

Ready-to-Go Shopping List & Menu

Eating healthy has never been easier than with Superhero Nutrition’s 14-day menu. Your family will love the yummy recipes and you’ll fall in love with the ready-to-go shopping list!

Some of the meals that we can’t wait to try are:

  • cauliflower pizza
  • fish tacos
  • salsa chicken
  • meatballs
  • avocado tuna
  • crispy chicken and Brussel sprouts
  • turkey lettuce wraps
  • sweet potato fries
  • vegetable medley stir-fry

I love that the recipes take some of our family favorites, like pizza, and make them healthier, using simple ingredient swaps!

Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

Cheat Sheets:

To be honest, I LOVE the cheat sheets that are included in the lessons. I printed them off and keep them nearby so I can see exactly which vitamins and minerals I feel like we’re lacking.

Easy-to-Understand Roadmap

The Superhero Nutrition certification can be completed in one sitting, which takes about 45 minutes. Or you may opt to divide it up into 10 days. This is done for you, using the easy-to-understand road map printable.

We opted to complete it in one day so we could focus on the nutrition and exercise portion of the program for the remainder of the days.

Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

Got Questions:

There is a forum that’s built directly into the Superhero Nutrition website. It allows you to introduce yourself and get to know other participants. There is also a Facebook group that allows you to connect with likeminded people and ask any questions you may have.

This support is perfect for folks like myself who are just learning about nutrition.

Simplified Nutrition:

The short, educational nutrition videos are perfect for all ages! We watched them together as a family and honestly, I learned just as much as the kids! For some reason, public schools never taught me the necessary health and nutrition knowledge that I needed to feel confident in my choices.

In under an hour, we learned all about these important topics:

  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • macros
  • reading food labels
  • superhero food groups & villains
  • and more!
Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

Mission Command Center:

The Mission Command Center is the homebased for the program. You can find any important information or links here. It’s nice to be able to find everything you need in one easy-to-find spot.

You can easily find your points, badges and more.

Many times, online programs offer so much that it’s overwhelming and we end up quitting before it’s over. That’s not the case with Superhero Nutrition. The lessons are organized and easy-to-follow. There’s no need to click all around the site. Everything you need is neatly presented to you in a way that simply makes sense. It takes the guesswork out of knowing what you need to do next. Simply complete the next task and check it off!

Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!
Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

Those Smoothies:

While all of the things that make up this program are pretty spectacular, our family has a clear favorite: the scrum-diddly-umptious smoothie recipes!

Again, the fun names make them enticing to the kids:

  • Batgirl Smoothie
  • Green Hulk Juice
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Jedi Juice
  • and more!

The Superhero Smoothie Guide makes creating healthy and delicious smoothies a breeze! Kids understand that nutrients are THEIR superpower and they are excited to “power up!”

Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

If you’re looking for a FUN and easy way to teach health and nutrition to kids, you can’t miss the exciting program that Superhero Nutrition has created! It not only empowers kids to make better choices, but makes it fun along the way!

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Teaching health and nutrition to kids has never been so much darn fun!

Get ready for your WHOLE FAMILY to be transformed!