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What types of education franchises are available?

The education sector is becoming one of the most popular for investment and is seeing huge growth at the moment. Since 2020, private tuition and online learning resource websites saw a massive increase in demand. Therefore, educational franchises could be one of the best investments for your business this year. There are several different types of education and at some point in your life, you’ll need them all!

Check out these 4 different types of education.

4 Types of Education

There are several different education franchises that you can consider for your next venture. Here are some of the options that you might want to invest in and why they’re a good choice.

1. Tutors

Being a tutor is a great way to get started if you’re looking to invest in education franchise opportunities. There are many different ways that you can run your business, from conducting classes in a home office to visiting children at their homes. With all the disruption to education in 2020-2021, many parents are looking for tutors to help their children keep up-to-date with learning.

The set-up costs for tutoring are really low. You will need general office equipment and furniture, but there are few other requirements. Marketing will be one of the harder aspects as plenty of people who can offer tutoring. However, education franchises can offer marketing support in most cases. Sometimes you might be given a series of leads for potential clients in your area.
One of the best options is to ensure that you offer a form of specialism. Whether you specialise in specific age groups or subjects will also depend on the tutoring franchise that you invest in.

One problem with tutoring is the limit on quantity. You’re only one person, so there is a capacity as to how many children you can realistically tutor and your earnings.

2. Nurseries/daycare/childminding

There is a huge demand for childcare during working hours. These settings aren’t for everyone. You will need to have a good space, and inspections will have to be carried out by local/national governing bodies. Although investment costs can be high, there isn’t a capacity problem as with tutoring. You can hire staff, expand into new facilities, and even extend hours.

There are also different ways that you can run your business. You can work from home or rent a space. It all depends on the education franchise that you choose to invest in and the local market.

You will also need to conduct great marketing for your brand. Local leaflet drops and strong social marketing will help.

3. Out of school clubs

One of the areas that are often not covered within education franchises is out of school clubs. This can be anything from drama/dance classes for children to swimming classes. If you’ve got skills that children might be able to learn from, then these opportunities can be a great way to turn a passion into a living.

Out of school club costs can be very low. You can sometimes limit up-front costs so that you rent a room at a community centre or local facility. Though this can also be a hidden danger. If not enough children turn up to your classes, you can end up losing money.

Marketing for your out of school club will be more challenging than with other education franchises. Children are busy and so you need to showcase that what you’re offering is worth the time and money.

But marketing is something that your franchise can help you with. They’ll provide you with guidance and materials that have worked before.

4. Languages

Not all children can speak a second language fluently and the classroom can sometimes be a terrifying place for children to learn a language. If they get something wrong, it can sometimes knock their confidence. That is why foreign language tutors are becoming a popular option.

Children can learn in an environment that provides them with one-on-one lessons that improve learning. At the same time, they can feel safe. If you can speak more than one language, this can be a great investment opportunity for you.

Investment costs are generally low as you don’t need premises or specialist equipment, and you can define your own working habits. However, your business is likely to be limited in growth and reliant on the time schedules of others.

What types of education franchises are available?

There is a huge growth in the demand for educational services from parents and children. With the BBC reporting after-school clubs boosting children’s results, now is the perfect opportunity to use the franchise system to get a head start and begin a new venture helping children learn. There are numerous opportunities and the rewards can be massive for anyone willing to put in the hard work to achieve success.

Check out these 4 different types of education.