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Printable Student Planner for Homeschoolers

Planners. People get all crazy about which ones work better than others. Sure, some make you more productive and some ensure you don’t miss a single birthday. I wouldn’t dare criticize other people’s choices because some people…well, they really like their planners.  

But the truth is, a planner is absolutely pointless if you don’t use it. And while I enjoy having my day planned out for me in my handy-dandy BuJo, my kiddos prefer something much more simple. They don’t need to keep track of doctor’s appointments, payment due dates, soccer games, visiting in-laws or dinner plans. Nope, all they need is a planner they can turn to quickly and easily to see what they need to do for the day. 

That’s exactly how our free printable student planner for homeschoolers was created; with my busy, one-track-minded kiddos as inspiration.

This is AWESOME! This printable student planner for homeschoolers has given my daughter the independence she needed this year!

Free Printable Planner for Homeschoolers

The truth is, kids don’t need an elaborate planner. They don’t generally care if there are stickers or color-coded topics. In fact, my kids prefer to see a blank planner because it means there’s less to do. 😉

We’re a simple family. We don’t need (or even like) any extra fluff. There’s no need to include a bunch of pages that we aren’t going to use, so I kept our printable planner for homeschoolers pretty basic. There are just 3 planning pages, plus the monthly calendars.  Sweet, simpe and to the point!

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The Perfect Little Planner

Our little planner is simple but it sure packs a mean punch! You’ll get all of the following pages to help you plan your entire school year:

  • Class Schedule
  • Annual Goal Setting
  • Weekly Planner
  • Monthly Calendars

With these pages, you’ll be able to create yearly and weekly goals, keep track of assignments and important dates and even have a spot to list the steps you need to take in order to meet your goals. It’s everything you need, all in one little planner! Best of all, it’s FREE!

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