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Make Part-Time Money at Home!

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Being a stay-at-home mom is a huge sacrifice that many families struggle with. The cost of daycare alone often makes working inefficient. But what do you do when one income just isn’t enough? You start looking for ways to make some part-time money at home, that’s what!

With the cost of living soaring, it’s hard to afford the essentials, let alone the extras. Parents want their kids to be in dance, soccer and swim lessons. They want adventurous vacations and memory-filled weekends. They yearn for their child to experience and live more than they did as a child. Yet it all cost so darn much that it just isn’t feasible to do it all, especially when one parent doesn’t work. But the years pass quickly and having a parent at home is the top priority, so families adjust.

I was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and 100% my own.It's never been easier to make part-time money at home! With VIPKID, teachers average $19/hour from the comfort of their home!

There are plenty of “get-rich-quick schemes” out there and they (wisely) target stay-at-home moms. Companies understand that moms want to contribute to their household income. They often seek a sense of worth and are looking for an outside endeavor to enjoy. From home parties to selling vacuums door-to-door, making money while staying home with your kids isn’t easy. Thousands of moms sign up for MLM companies that require them to stockpile products, invest thousands of dollars and spend time hassling their friends and family to host parties. You can spend hours working on a gorgeous handmade scarf, only to sell it for the price of your materials. Babysitting is exhausting and pyramid businesses are a disaster. However, there is one legitimate way to make part-time money at home, without losing your sanity.

Teach English Online

VIPKID is an online English education platform. It allows children, ages 4-12, in China to take classes from teachers located in North America, from the comfort of their home. Started in 2013, VIPKID is the fastest growing online education company globally, with over 200,000 students. One key factor in VIPKID’s success is that their business model works for everyone; the growing middle class in China can now afford a quality educator and the teachers can make part-time money at home, on their own time.

Work-at-home opportunities this grand are few and far between. That’s why over 20,000 people have already joined the growing business. With the flexibility and teacher community support, the opportunity is too good to pass up. Not to mention, you can earn extra money from home. VIPKID provides easy-to-follow lesson plans, real-time tech support and a large operations team to support their teachers. Any questions you have will be answered quickly and thoroughly. Because the company was created by educators for educators, they are dedicated and passionate about their work.

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Make Part-Time Money at Home with a Flexible Schedule!

The folks at VIPKID have made teaching easier than ever. Using a flipped classroom approach, students will learn the lessons independently then meet with their teacher for 30 minute sessions. After their session, they will receive virtual homework and practice games.

Teaching with VIPKID is simple. After filling out the basic information, teachers then attend a virtual interview that lasts about 10 minutes. Next they will attend Into to Teaching, followed by a Mock Class. Then all that’s left to do is sign a contract ans start teaching.  In under 10 hours, teachers can begin making an average of $19 an hour!

It's never been easier to make part-time money at home! With VIPKID, teachers average $19/hour from the comfort of their home!

If you’re looking to make part-time money from home and need flexibility, head to VIPKID to sign up!

Know a teacher who is looking to make some extra cash? VIPKID is PERFECT for them, too! With flexibility and great pay, you’ll be shouting from the rooftops about this amazing opportunity!


It's never been easier to make part-time money at home! With VIPKID, teachers average $19/hour from the comfort of their home!

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It's never been easier to make part-time money at home! With VIPKID, teachers average $19/hour from the comfort of their home!


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