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2nd Grade Homeschool Plans

How is it possible that my baby boy is already 7 years old? Time flies when you’re having fun…or when you’re cleaning, homeschooling and chauffeuring a bunch of kids around! I’ve finally got our 2nd grade homeschool plans done and today, I’m sharing them with you!

These relaxed 2nd grade homeschool plans are perfect for small attention spans!

In our home state of Missouri, you don’t have to begin any formal schooling until the child turns 7. Bear turned 7 in February of his “1st grade” year. We opted not to start any formal schooling until his birthday, so he has really only had about 3 months of schooling under his belt. These relaxed 2nd grade homeschool plans are perfect for small attention spans!

With that being said, he made huge improvements in his learning in those 3 months. Between his hearing impairment and delaying school, I was really impressed with how easily he picked up on reading. I’m excited to see him grow even more this year!

2nd Grade Homeschool Plans


We are trying out Math Lessons for a Living Education this year for Bear. While we did love The Good and the Beautiful math last year, I’m hoping to speed up math this year. Bear didn’t really get into the activities like I wish he would have so we decided to go a simpler (and cheaper!) route! He tested into Level 2, which is exactly where he should be!


My little guy has a hearing impairment which greatly effects his speech. I was really worried about teaching him to read because he also has the attention span of a gnat. 😉 I introduced him to Reading Eggs when he was 6 and he loves it! It’s a great program that has really helped him and I love that he can do it without any help from me.

Language Arts:

We’ll be working on finishing up Level K of The Good and the Beautiful curriculum that we started last year. (Note: The Good and the Beauiful Language arts levels are about a year ahead, so while he did level K, it was actually more like first grade.) Bear seemed to breeze through it so I’m hoping we can be done before Christmas. Then we’ll reevaluate where he’s at and take a placement test to ensure we’re where we need to be. I’ve already purchased 

TGATB is one of my favorite curriculum because it’s truly “open-and-go.” I don’t have to do any prep work and it doesn’t require a ton of supplies! You can even download levels 1-5 for FREE to see if it’s something you would like! Although I do like to just buy it printed so I don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s been a great fit for our whole family. I only wish I would’ve found it sooner!

These relaxed 2nd grade homeschool plans are perfect for small attention spans!


Bear will be doing The Good and the Beautiful’s Mammals science unit with the rest of our family. We should be done with that fairly quickly, then we’ll decide what we want to study next.


This will be Bear’s first year of history so I’m hoping to really bring it to life with a giant timeline. We’ll be using Home School in the Woods’ Timeline Trio to create a timeline in our hallway.

Art:These relaxed 2nd grade homeschool plans are perfect for small attention spans!

We are obsessed with Masterpiece Society’s art lessons. They offer enough lessons there is plenty for the entire year. With all the different skill levels, we’ll be using it for all of our kids. Best of all, it’s super affordable compared to the local art lessons we were taking!


Bear will be playing soccer this fall and we’re also considering karate lessons of some sort. He doesn’t naturally enjoy physical activities, so we’ll have to put an effort into playing outside, bike rides, and making sure he stays active.

At this age, we’re still just playing a lot and building a strong foundation. Legos, educational movies and lots of coloring are important at this age.




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I’d love to hear your 2nd grade homeschool plans!

These relaxed 2nd grade homeschool plans are perfect for small attention spans!