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How Elite Blog Academy ( EBA ) Changed My Life

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Can I let you in on a little secret?

This blog that you’re reading, this very page you are looking at right now, is currently making me money. I know, right!?! You didn’t see that one coming, did you? I bet it’s never even crossed your mind that while I’m sharing my passion about homeschooling, I’m making a little bit of moo-lah, too.  But I am and it’s totally awesome.

EBA has since changed formats and is now known as Activate. It’s no longer a self-led class but offers LIVE classes, help and tutorials.

EBA is changing lives. Blogger after blogger swear that this is the answer. I'm not wasting any time. Gotta get my name on that list immediately. My future self will thank me!

When I first started blogging, it wasn’t about the money. In fact, I didn’t even know people could make money blogging. I was just doing it to document our journey. We had just begun homeschooling and I had this big dream of creating a yearbook for my kids at the end of every year. (Ha! That was a nice thought. Probably never gonna happen, though.) Instead of searching through hundreds of files on my computer, I thought “Well, why don’t I just write a blog and keep all of my pictures from our favorite adventures online?” The idea was brilliant at the time. My brother had just moved away and it made perfect sense for him to check out my blog instead of calling to harass the kids about what they’d learned this week.

So I signed up for a blog, chose a catchy name and got started. Immediately, I was reminded of my love of writing. For years, I hadn’t wrote more than a witty Facebook status but blogging, it just took me back.

I had always been a writer. I love words and under different circumstances, would’ve went to college to pursue a degree in journalism or something similar. {Instead, I stepped into some feelings that I couldn’t seem to brush off and rushed away to marry the man of my dreams.}

After about a year of blogging for fun, I started to notice something. There were other bloggers whose husbands were home with them. They weren’t rushing off to work everyday. They weren’t gone for 8 hours a day. They weren’t ever working. So then I began to wonder how they managed to survive as a family. Because, let’s be honest, my husband is gone for 40 hours a week and we still sometimes struggle financially. So, how exactly is it that these bloggers are living in perfectly gorgeous houses and their husband is still around on a Thursday morning to help them pack lunches? Surely they weren’t making it on just their blogger income.
So I started to investigate. Because, honestly,  I’d love to have my husband at home to teach science and cursive and deal with some of the foul moods and dirty laundry.

That’s when I stumbled upon Elite Blog Academy.


What I found blew my socks off. People were actually making enough money that their husbands could quit their job and stay home and enjoy life instead of working themselves to death. What the heck!!!

But Elite Blog Academy (also known as EBA) had so much more!

There were tips for people like me, who didn’t really know if they could actually become a full time blogger. They didn’t know if they could squeeze it into their schedule, if people would even want to read what they had to say or if they even wanted to become a blogger. These tips, they inspired me. They led me, step-by-step, through the blogging world. Elite Blog Academy had so much hope to offer. It was filled with freebies that I just couldn’t get enough of. I immediately started downloading them and got to work. No longer did I wonder if I wanted to be a blogger. I knew, with EBA’s help, I could actually do this.

That was an awesome feeling.

I don’t know about you, but I was a mom.

Do you know what it means to be a mom?

(I’m assuming you do but if not…)

Being a mom means rolling over in the middle of the night into the pee-spot on your clean sheets. It means cooking a glorious dinner just to have your kids insist it taste like turtle poop. It’s waking up early so you can brush your teeth and shower before you have to wipe butts and clean up spilled cereal. It’s wearing your most comfy sweat pants all day long because you don’t want to get snot on your best yoga pants. It’s not combing your hair because the messy-bun is still kinda in style. It means baking cookies for the church party when you really just want to curl up with a warm blanket and snooze for 2 or 3 days. It means putting your needs behind those of your kids,  your neighbors, your friends, your family,  your husband, your schedules, and everything else in life. Being a mom means coming last. It’s self-less and it’s tiring.

And somewhere in the midst of all that “Mom-ing“, I had lost myself. I no longer took the time to do things I loved. I forgot what it was like to enjoy a casual day of shopping. I couldn’t recall the last time there had been an awkward silence in our house.  (Or any other silence, for that matter!) I hadn’t experienced the lady-high I felt when I dropped a wad of cash into the bank account, that I had earned myself. I could hardly remember what life was like before kids, let alone what I had enjoyed doing in my spare time.

As I realized what a huge difference my blog could make in my family’s life, I started to get hopeful. Then my confidence grew. I knew, if I could deal with these hungry little rug rats every single day, for 24 hours straight, I sure as heck could handle a blog.


But the problem with EBA is that it’s only open for a VERY brief period every year. I wasn’t about to miss out on my chance to join this program, so I signed up to be on the waiting list. In the months I spent waiting for enrollment to open, I implemented the freebies I’d received. Already my blog had improved, before even joining the program! Once enrollment opened, I was ready to get to work. I handed over the $500 enrollment fee like it was nothing.

But, hold up- that’s a lot of money, you say.

And you’re absolutely right.

While I wish I could say I had the spare cash just hanging out in my bank account, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t know about you, but after groceries, diapers, electricity and all the other fun stuff that comes with adulthood, I sure as heck didn’t have an extra $500 to spend on a class. But after showing my husband the EBA website and assuring him I would give it my all, he agreed. (Who am I kidding? Anyone who knows my husband knows he is the most encouraging guy ever. Unlike me, he’d never lost his dream of me becoming a bajillionaire  from writing a book.) While he is super encouraging, he is also incredibly frugal. (Frugal? I mean cheap, ya’ll!) But he believed in the course so much, he insisted I purchase it using some of our savings.

The thing is, there is so much potential in this program that even my level-headed Romeo started dreaming. He started calculating how many page views I’d need before he could quit the family business. He started searching for the best places to take kids on vacation. He stopped going through the motions of life and started really dreaming again.

Through months of hard work, hours of learning and weeks of waking up early to get some work done, my blog has seen some serious results. Now, my story is not nearly as impressive as some of the ones you will read about on the EBA website but I’m getting there. In under a year, my page views have increased over 25x what they were before EBA. My blog no longer looks like a mishmash of amateur graphic design, poorly written blog posts and incredibly dark photos captured by my cheap phone.

Instead, I know what direction my blog is heading, what steps I need to take to get there and exactly how to create my vision. I know what still needs work, how to use affiliate links to earn money and how to utilize social media to make my job a cinch.
Seriously, guys. My goal was to make enough money to get my hair done every month or so. Some of these folks who have taken EBA are making more than my husband’s ANNUAL INCOME in a single month. Not even joking. They’re totally rocking the EBA class and aren’t afraid to tell you they owe it all to the 12-step class.

Check out the EBA website and you’ll be wishing you’d signed up for this class years ago!


So, how has EBA changed my life?

Well, like I already said, it turned us into dreamers again. Instead of worrying about how we’ll ever show our kids the world, we are planning which beach we will hit first. I’m waking up early to get some work done while the kids sleep. They see me, working my butt off and growing confident in myself. My kids are so proud of me. They’re proud that I’m working so hard on something I love. They’ve seen me sacrifice and while it’s not always fun, they believe in me enough to know it’ll pay off in the end. They’re excited to see where this little blog lands us in a year or two.  They are seeing me chase my dreams and they are my biggest cheerleaders.  They’re learning they don’t have to punch the time clock everyday to put food on the table.  They’re learning just how valuable a spouse who believes in you and pushes you to better yourself really is.

If I could give you one bit of advice, please, from one mom to another, just check this course out. You don’t have to be a writer. You just have to be passionate about something. And it can be anything. There are people making thousands of dollars a year writing about the best way to fluff a Christmas tree.

You think what you have to say isn’t important? It is. Your voice. Your passion. Your heart. It’s so important.  Share it with the world.

Not to get rich but because you deserve to be heard.

EBA is changing lives. Blogger after blogger swear that this is the answer. I'm not wasting any time. Gotta get my name on that list immediately. My future self will thank me!

Still debating whether it’s right for you? Shoot me a message and I’d be HAPPY to discuss the pros and cons with you.

Until then, hop on over and sign up for EBA’s awesome freebies for bloggers.