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Simplify Your Homeschool with Teaching Textbooks

If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and like you just can’t keep up, it’s time to simplify your homeschool with Teaching Textbooks.

Busy homeschool moms have so much on their plate: Grocery shopping, laundry, soccer practices, planning dinners, breaking up sibling spats and keeping the house running smoothly are just a few of their jobs.

Some seasons, it feels like everything just keeps adding up, leaving you feeling exhausted and like you’re drowning in responsibilities. Add homeschooling to those responsibilities and you’ve got a mom who may have reached her breaking point.

Teaching Textbooks can simplify your homeschool by taking one more subject off your hands!


When you reach that breaking point, it’s important that you step back and look at how you can reduce your load. Whether that means calling in help from a housekeeper or taking a mental health day, it’s important to figure out how to balance it all.

One way that I reduce my stress when I’m overwhelmed is to look at the big picture and remove one responsibility from as many areas as possible.

  • Grocery shopping is much easier when I have my groceries delivered right to my house from InstaCart!
  • Ask a friend or neighbor if your kiddo can catch a ride to soccer practice, while you stay home and enjoy an hour of peace and quiet.
  • Have the whole family pitch in and help clean the house for 30 minutes each week.
  • Allow older kids to cook dinner for you! Or just eat cereal for dinner one night! Trust me, it won’t hurt anything and not cooking dinner gives you more time to focus your attention somewhere else.
  • Send the kids to Grandma’s while you rest, recharge and then tackle a few things on your to-do list!

One way I’ve managed to stay on top of my “mom duties” is by outsourcing our homeschool math.

Before, I was spending nearly 3 hours each day, helping each of my kids with their math lessons. Now that we use Teaching Textbooks, I’m able to spend those hours tackling laundry, helping the kiddos with other subjects or just taking a few minutes for myself.

Teaching Textbooks can simplify your homeschool by taking one more subject off your hands!

Simplify Your Homeschool with Teaching Textbooks

It didn’t take me long to see how easily you can simplify your homeschool with Teaching Textbooks. There are so many benefits to using Teaching Textbooks, besides the obvious!

The teaching is done for you:

The simple fact is, there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks we’re handed as busy moms. Teaching Textbooks takes the struggle out of teaching homeschool math.

Instead of spending hours explaining, helping them to solve problems then grading the work, I can do other things that need my attention. Whether that means curling up on the couch with a read-aloud for my other kiddos or catching up on housework, it allows me to add more hours to my day.

Daily reports emailed directly to you:

There’s one major problem we’ve run into when we outsource our homeschool in the past: I become out of the loop, and don’t know how my kids are doing in their schoolwork.

Teaching Textbooks has solved that problem with daily reports sent directly to my inbox, each and every day.

Now I can see exactly how they’re doing in math, without having to ask them (over and over again) what they learned that day.

You can also log into the parent portal to check their work.

Teaching Textbooks can simplify your homeschool by taking one more subject off your hands!

Teaching Textbooks is a trusted company:

Of course, anytime you allow someone else to take over the responsibility of educating your child, you want to ensure they’re doing a good job. With Teaching Textbooks, you can rest assured.

The in-depth lessons allow students to watch short lessons, complete review questions then proceed with their lessons. If the student needs help, they can take a hint. When they miss a problem, they have the option to try again or watch the solution.

Kids actually enjoy doing math:

Teaching Textbooks takes a lighthearted and thorough approach in their lessons, so that even kids who hate math aren’t intimidated.

Students are allowed to customize their own fun buddy, switch up their wallpapers and can earn virtual stickers for their sticker books. These little incentives are a great way to encourage kids to complete their work.

In our family, after you’ve passed each quiz, you get to spend 30 minutes or so, playing around with the buddies and wallpapers. The kids love this! I’ve found that having a set time to switch them up helps keep the kids from doing it everyday, when they should be doing lessons.

Teaching Textbooks can simplify your homeschool by taking one more subject off your hands!

It’s convenient:

Long gone are the days where you had to keep track of a whole set of Teaching Textbook CDs.

Now it’s easy to simplify your homeschool with Teaching Textbooks because they offer their lessons online OR in their app! Best of all, you don’t need internet access to complete lessons in the app.

We often complete our math lessons on the way to karate lessons or in waiting rooms!

It’s affordable:

Besides being able to chuck the old math CDs out the window, Teaching Textbook 4.0 has another awesome benefit: the price dropped dramatically! Every single level, from grade 3 through pre-calculus all cost under $6 a month!

There are no additional purchases needed to operate Teaching Textbooks! Just pay once and you’ll get access for the next 12 months!

Teaching Textbooks even offers a large family plan! Whether you have 4 kids or 8 , you’ll only spend $199 each year on math for all of them

With so many benefits, it’s a no-brainer to simplify your homeschool with Teaching Textbooks! Not only will you have more time, but you’ll save money AND your sanity! And that, as a homeschool mama, is priceless!


Teaching Textbooks can simplify your homeschool by taking one more subject off your hands!

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Teaching Textbooks can simplify your homeschool by taking one more subject off your hands!