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Drawing for Teens with Sparketh

Looking for a class that teaches drawing for teens? Don’t miss Sparketh!

When Emersyn started high school, I knew I wanted her to try some fun electives that were outside of her comfort zone. She is typically drawn to more agriculture-related electives so I wanted to expand her classes to new and possibly exciting things.

But when you’re searching for electives, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why I decided to keep it as simple as possible. Instead of a broad art class, I decided to look for a class that focuses on drawing for teens.

No messy paints. No in depth tutorials. We just simply wanted drawing classes.

And we found that in Sparketh!

This post is sponsored by Sparketh. All opinions are my own.
I received the product for free and I was compensated for my time.
Sparketh lessons are perfect to teach drawing for teens!

Why We Chose Sparketh

Sparketh is an online art studio that offers fun and engaging art lessons for all ages. From painting to sketching, there’s something for everyone.

There are a lot of art lessons floating around the internet but we decided to go with Sparketh for Emersyn’s high school elective for a couple different reasons.


One of the most important things I was searching for was art lessons that were easy to use, for all ages. The Sparketh lessons don’t require any weird supplies, so we are able to complete almost all of the lessons with things we already have on-hand.

We can log on to the Sparketh website from our laptops, phones or tablets and complete the lessons.

Since we’ve started using Sparketh, I’ve noticed that Emersyn carries her sketchpad with us a lot more. She simply pops her earbuds in, pulls up the website on her phone and sketches her little heart out. She sneaks in sketching while we’re driving in the car or while we’re waiting at her brother’s soccer practices.

The lessons that teach drawing for teens has replaced a lot of her mindless scrolling on her phone! I love seeing this change in her.

Sparketh lessons are perfect to teach drawing for teens!

Saves Time:

At first, I debated whether we should sign up for Sparketh or just use free resources on the internet. Of course, there are so many out there that I could have found something that worked for her. But the hours we spent scrolling through all of those free lessons got out of hand quickly.

By the time we landed on a tutorial that she was interested in, we’d wasted half of our art time and then the tutorial was less-than-impressive.

Having Sparketh provides us with an ever-growing database of high-quality art tutorials. With Sparketh, we an easily sort and filter over 1,000 art lessons to find one that works for us in under a minute!


For years my kids attended live art lessons. We did a lot of fun things, like clay creations, learning to shade and mixing colors.

But those lessons were pricccceeeeyyy!

Once I factored in the actual cost of our art lessons, I was floored. On top of the outrageous hourly fee, I took a look at how much money we were spending to GET to our lessons. The 30-minute drive cost us more than just time and gas. We would swing by and grab lunch every time we went to art because it was RIGHT at lunch time.

Sparketh lessons are perfect to teach drawing for teens!

Between the cost of the lessons and money blown while “in town,” I was easily spending $100 a week for 2 of my kids to get an hour of art lessons.

That’s when I realized the value of online lessons.

Staying home = saving money and I love saving money!

Our whole family can get access to Sparketh’s huge library of art lessons for an entire month for less than we would spend on ONE of our trips to McDonald’s on art day!

More than Drawing for Teens:

When I realized that Sparketh was more than just drawing for teens, I was sold. I love having “family paint nights” with the kids and Sparketh has fun and easy lessons for our whole family.

You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy Sparketh. The lessons are perfect for every age and skill level!

Sparketh lessons are perfect to teach drawing for teens!

Using Sparketh in our Homeschool

As a busy homeschool mom, I love anything I can outsource and that includes art lessons!

One of my very favorite things is filling the time-gaps in our homeschool days with art. It’s a great way to cut down on screen time, because my kids would prefer making art to watching Netflix, but until now, art required too much prep work from me.

Now, I can send the kids to our art box and have them grab their supplies, while i choose an art lesson to work on. They often create masterpieces while I clean up lunch or make important phone calls.

Art is a great way to keep kids busy while you mark a few things off your to-do list!

Sparketh lessons are perfect to teach drawing for teens!

Whether you’re looking for an art program that teaches drawing for teens or an all-in-one art curriculum for the whole family, Sparketh is what you need!

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