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MYTEK LAB Coding Classes for Homeschoolers

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Looking for the best coding classes for homeschoolers? Don’t miss MYTEK LAB!

When we first started homeschooling, I thought I needed to shelter my kids from technology. I thought we could just duck our heads and let the technology crazy miss us,

But, boy, was I wrong.

Over the last few years, it’s becoming more and more obvious that technology is here to stay. It’s intertwined so deeply within our society that it’s impossible to escape.

And like all wise folks, I’ve decided we need to embrace it, instead of wish it away.

No matter where you turn, technology is running rampant. Robots are replacing factory workers. AI is overtaking online businesses. Even a simple trip to the grocery store proves just how much technology is advancing, and at an insane speed!

MYTEK LAB offers the best coding classes for homeschoolers

Why Coding is Important for Kids

It’s no secret that coding is the latest craze in the homeschool world but did you know, kids actually learn a lot of life skills when they learn to code?

  • Problem-Solving Skills:

Coding teaches kids to solve problems in a way that previous generations didn’t need to. They can use their skills to create and work with technology, solving problems as they arise.

  • Math Skills:

Coding may seem like it’s mostly technological but there are tons of math concepts interweaved within it. Calculations, logic and analyzing data are just a few of the areas your child will improve.

  • Flexibility and Adapting to Changes:

In the technology world, things are constantly changing. Being able to keep up with new formats and advances helps kids become more flexible. They quickly learn that nothing stays the same in the technology world for long and they learn to adapt and adjust to those changes.

Online coding classes for homeschoolers? MYTEK LAB has you covered!

Staying Up to Date with Tech

With the technology world changing faster than most people can keep up, it’s important to have a strong foundation of coding in your back pocket.
Coding is the heartbeat of technology. You must know at least the basics in order to grow and keep up with the industry.

And it’s never too early to learn coding! Kids as young as preschool can start learning the basics of coding and they can build skills that will literally last them a lifetime!

MYTEK LAB Coding Classes for Homeschoolers

As homeschoolers, we are able to recognize a need when we see it. Many homeschool families have started treating coding classes with the same importance of math or language arts in their homeschool. It’s no longer just an “elective” type of course, but instead one of the main focuses of their days.

All across the world, families are turning to MYTEK LAB for the most up-to-date and engaging coding classes for homeschoolers.

MYTEK LAB offers several classes for all ages:

  • Information Technology 1
  • Information Technology 2
  • Computer Science 1
  • Computer Science 2
  • Computer Technology
  • Flex Classes

Weekly classes are taught live in a fun and easy-to-understand approach. The instructors are experts in their field and help break it down so that you child can become a technology expert, too!

Middle and high school classes can be used to earn credit for your student’s transcript!

MYTEK LAB Offers Flexibility Where You Need It

If you’re like us and prefer self-paced classes, you can’t miss MYTEK LAB’s growing library of flex paced classes. I love that the instructors care about help your family learn in the easist way possible!

MYTEK LAB offers the best coding classes for homeschoolers

Flex Pace is a highly adaptable course alternative designed to cater to students’ varying schedules. This learning approach involves weekly recorded videos and lesson releases, allowing students the convenience to engage with the course content according to their own timelines. Given the rapid and frequent evolution of technology, the potential for outdated material is a concern for learners. However, Flex Pace proactively addresses this issue by continuously updating our content, ensuring that all students have access to the most current material and instructional modules. Recordings will be released each Monday.

By releasing the recordings on a weekly basis, we ensure that students consistently benefit from up-to-date technology education that encompasses the latest advancements. Through the Flex Pace, do not have to follow assignment deadlines, allowing students additional time to work on their assignments. Flex Pace empowers students to pursue their education at their own pace, without needing to participate in a specific live class schedule.

Need more flexibility? You can pick when you start the course! Register today and start when you want to.

Jacky Souder, Co-Owner/Vice President MYTEK LAB, INC

MYTEK LAB offers the best coding classes for homeschoolers

Give Your Child A Hand-Up For Their Future

There’s no doubt that having the knowledge to code willc ome in handy for you kiddo someday. And it’s never been easier to provide them with that knowledge!

Long-gone are the days of driving your kiddo to a computer lab and sitting in the car for hours, waiting for his lessons to be over.

Now, you have access to some of the greatest teachers in the industry from ANYWHERE you choose!

New families can contact Jacky (Mrs. MYTEK) at [email protected] to save a whopping $15 off your monthly lessons!

That means your kiddo can get top-of-the-line coding lessons from anywhere in the world for about a dollar a day!

You simply won’t find an opportunity to invest in your child’s future like that anywhere else!

MYTEK LAB offers the best coding classes for homeschoolers

Check out the class that Bear is currently loving here!

Here’s what he’s learning this year:

  • Intro to computer fundamentals
  • 2D Game Art -Elementary Programming -Elementary
  • 3D modeling for games -Elementary
  • VR Development -Elementary
  • Web Design -Elementary
  • Robotics -Elementary
  • 3D Modeling for 3D Printing -Elementary