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The 4 Top Beginner-Friendly Ski Resorts in France

Looking for the best ski resorts in France?

Winter season is finally coming and it’s the best time of the year for visiting some of the most wonderful winter destinations in Europe. Actually, France is probably one of the most iconic places for someone to visit in winter, especially during the Christmas season.

Another thing that makes France a famous destination for the winter season, is the amazing and iconic ski resorts. Of course, skiing is one of the most famous winter sports, and it’s one of the few sports which brings us closer to mother nature as long as you are going to visit and admire many snowy hills and breathtaking landscapes. 

The truth is that not everyone loves skiing, for many reasons such as falling down and embarrassing themselves. But falling down on the first attempt of skiing is more than normal and can happen to anyone. Therefore, if you want to try to ski, there is nothing to hold you back. 

Join me and discover the 4 most amazing ski resorts in France, that are perfect for beginners. 

Love this list of ski resorts in France!

4 Best Ski Resorts in France

Val Thorens, France

The first amazing destination which is beginner friendly is Val Thorens which is actually one of the most magnificent resorts in the French Alps. In this ski resort, there are many zones that are perfect for beginners and are very wide open in order to make you feel very safe. Therefore, if you are interested in learning how to ski, this place might be right for you. Before visiting this place, you can take a look at  Erna Low, in order to find the best accommodation option according to your own needs.


This destination is one of the most popular for skiers and snowboarders from Europe. Is located in the heart of The Three Valleys, which is the world’s largest ski area and you can explore over 500km of pistes. This place is family and beginner friendly so is ideal for every level of skier. Meribel hosts several green runs for novices, but also many runs for intermediates and professional skiers.


Courchevel is one of the most iconic ski resorts in the world and it’s perfect for every ski level, even for novices and kids. This place is one of the biggest ski resorts in Europe and so it hosts many different pistes of all kinds in order to keep every single skier satisfied. Also, in this place, you will have the opportunity to attend many events that are arranged around the resort and you will be lucky to have a meal at one of the iconic French restaurants.

La Plagne

Last but not least, La Plagne is another amazing ski resort in France that is perfect for everybody who wants to try skiing for the first time. This resort is incredibly beautiful and it includes a huge variety of beginner-friendly zones and pistes. Also, there are ski schools where novices and children can learn all the basic skills of skiing. Of course, if skiing ends up not being your thing, the resort’s village is amazing and you can spend your time doing other fun activities.

You’ll love these ski resorts in France! Hope you and your family make memories that will last a lifetime!

Love this list of ski resorts in France!