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Ideas for a Date Night with Kids

10 Ideas for a Date Night with Kids

Making date night with kids a tradition is a great way to connect with your kids, one-on-one. We used to just take our kids out on “dates” for their birthdays but now, we try to make it a quarterly event.

But it doesn’t have to be fancy! Your kids will love spending time with you, no matter what you’re doing. That means you can skip the pricey steakhouses and add some fun to your dates instead!

If you’re needing a little inspiration, check out these 10 date night ideas that you should consider this Valentine’s Day.

Love these ideas for date night with kids!

10 Ideas for Date Night With Kids

Create a Treasure Hunt for Your Kids

Instead of just presenting your kids with their Valentine’s present, why not set them out on a
treasure hunt to find it? You can make the clues however silly or lovey-dovey as you want.

Enjoy a Night with Delicious Dessert

Instead of going out for an expensive meal, try having a date night with kids that consists only of their favorite thing: dessert! Go to your favorite restaurant and order a few different desserts to try! Skip the food and just fill up on sweets! Trust me, your kids will be talking about this for years to come!

Enjoy a Paint Class

Consider signing up for a painting class with your kids this Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry if you are a terrible painter: the teacher will walk you through the steps of creating a wonderful keepsake!

Love these ideas for date night with kids!

Go Ice Skating

Is there anything more fun than ice skating with kids? Even if you’ve never been, it’s guaranteed to be a wonderful memory! An added bonus is that many ice skating rinks offer family discounts.

Give Your Kids a Massage

Sometimes just a simple massage therapy can go a long way. Turn on your kids’ favorite movie and rub their neck and back while they relax! It’s easy and kids love it.

Cook Something Together

Learning how to cook is a great life skill! Whipping up a fancy Valentines meal is a fun way to spend some special time with your kids.

Love these ideas for date night with kids!

Book a Hotel Stay

Want a fun escape this Valentine’s Day from your messy house and everyday routine? Hotels are a great way to enjoy a little getaway, without breaking the bank! Just be sure to book a hotel with a pool for the kids and a hot tub for mom and dad! 😉

Have a Dance Party

Whether you choose to have a dance party in the living room or actually learn some dance moves from an online program, dancing is a fun and easy way to enjoy a date night with kids! We love YouDance for learning new moves!

Head to the Shooting Range

This one might sound a little unorthodox, but if your kids are a little bit older, take them to the shooting range for an afternoon of exhilarating fun. It’s a fun experience that teaches them responsibility and control.

Stay Home and Enjoy a Dinner and a Movie

Skip all the hustle and bustle of spending a night out on the town by staying home with a
delicious meal and a movie. (My kids LOVE breakfast for dinner and you can easily shut off the lights and enjoy a candle-lit dinner! Kids LOVVVVE this!)

With so many movie streaming services out there like Netflix, you’re sure to find a movie that you haven’t seen.

Love these ideas for date night with kids!